Commerical spaces need roofs too.

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Maintaining your roof the best way to be sure that your business can operate without any disruption to its normal operation. We understand the services offered by a Houston commercial roofing company must take that fact into consideration. All roofs must be maintained on a regular basis to avoid problems that could negatively impact the business occupying that space. Water leakage could short circuit and damage important electrical wires and equipment. Roofs that are weakened could cave in and compromise the safety and health of both workers and customers.

It is an important decision to find and hire the rightHouston commercial roofing contractor to do a roofing job within your budget and without shutting down business operations. Take the time to look around and find the best professional roofing contractor who specializes in commercial roof repairs and renovations as well as provides a needed maintenance program.

When it comes to Houston commercial roofing, Schulte Roofing is the specialist you’re looking for. They have been in the industry for over 21 years, providing outstanding workmanship and customer service for every one of them. They know how to correctly handle commercial roofing projects. Pick up the phone and call them at 800-367-7663 or (936) 825-3842. Don’t let Houston commercial roofing problems interfere with your business operations.

What are common Houston commercial roofing problems?

Roofing problems could be found in the following areas: pitch pans, deteriorated mortar, clogged drains, missing chimney and vent caps, and water blockage due to poor drainage. If you don’t know how to check for these, contact your nearest roofing specialist for an inspection.

How long is a typical roofing warranty or guarantee?

Cracking on mortar joints, pooling of rain water, granules coming from vent caps, and trash/debris build-up on the roof surface are common warning signs. Contact a Houston commercial roofing specialist if you see any of these signs.

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