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Maintaining the rooftop of a commercial building is a major responsibility. A commercial building with a properly cared for roof vigilantly shelters business operations running below.  A compromised roof, however, can impede progress indefinitely.  Water will seep into the cracks and crevices trickling down into unwanted places. Eventually, water leakage can short circuit electrical outlets, computers, and other vital equipment, impairing your business’s operations.

Business owners that choose to ignore the initial warning signs of a damaged roof risk the structural integrity of their business. Over time, the commercial roofing system will cave in, compromising the safety and health of your employees. To avoid enduring such an unfortunate occurrence, business owners are advised to properly monitor the status of their rooftop.

To achieve this goal, business owners need to locate the right commercial roofing contractor here in Houston. An experienced roofer knows how to stay within your budget. A professional roofer knows how to maintain the proposed budget without inhibiting business operations. Schulte Roofing has provided commercial establishments with this kind of professional service for over 21 years. We understand how disruptive a leaky roof can be. And we want to help.

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Do Commercial Rooftops Have Similar Issues in Houston?

Yes. The most common commercial roofing problems occur due to poor rooftop drainage. Due to this, it is vital for you to inspect your commercial building’s clogged drains and pitch pans. Other noteworthy areas to check out include deteriorated mortar and vent caps. If you are not familiar with how to go about checking these areas, contact your nearest roofing specialist for an in-depth inspection.

Any Other Warning Signs I Should Look For?

Be on the lookout for cracking of mortar joints and pooling of rainwater. These issues can signal to business owners that the roof is experiencing drainage issues and possibly structural damage. Also, take note if there are granules coming out of the vent caps and trash or debris on the roof’s surface. If you notice any of these signs, do not delay. Contact a Houston commercial roofing specialist today to reduce the risk of needing expensive repairs in the future.

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