Josh Schulte


Josh Schulte

Josh Schulte is the President of Schulte Roofing. He worked his way up to his current position by serving with the company in an official capacity beginning in 2001. Josh formerly served as Vice President before ascending to the role of President after his father and company founder, David Schulte, the former president, passed the role on to him. Josh began his career as a runner and installer, working with crews on multiple types of projects and gained the knowledge and experience that serves him today.


As a second-generation roofing professional, Josh is in charge of a fair amount of roofing construction and recently worked on projects such as the Kyle Field Bright Football Complex and West Campus Strength Building at Texas A&M, the Amarillo US Naval Facility, the Army Corps. of Engineers Building at Lake Somerville, Texas, as well as many other high-profile projects across the state of Texas.

Personal Message

I always wanted to do my part to serve and build on the foundation laid by my father, David Schulte. My goal was to lead the company towards larger projects and to expand our company’s expertise and knowledge.

Along the way, we have been able to further our staunch desire for quality and perfection in both industrial and commercial roofing without sacrificing the same level of commitment to our residential customers.

Roofing is our profession, and when we take on your project, we take it personally because our name is on it and we stand by that. We’ve continued to proudly and successfully use our name for the last 25 years while becoming experts in our field, upholding a great reputation, and meeting our client’s expectations. Here at Schulte Roofing, we provide a national level of quality with a local touch.

We’ve been able to accomplish what most roofing companies haven’t been able to, we’ve been extremely blessed.