Residential Roof Maintenance

A hands-off way to prevent issues before they become repairs or replacements while keeping your roof looking like new and performing at its peak.


Roofs suffer from weather, storm damage, pests, animals, and age. Our residential roof maintenance includes annual inspections, removes debris, clears gutters, cleans skylights, and makes minor repairs to keep your roof performing at its best. Members of the Roof Shield Maintenance Program also receive priority service during emergencies and discounts on repairs.


Roof maintenance is about fixing issues when they happen and preventing them from happening in the future. We get on the roof at least once of year to perform:

  • Inspection
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Debris Removal
  • Reseal/Fasten Flashing
  • Nail Pop Fixes
  • Limited Repainting
  • Skylight Cleaning


17 Point Inspection — $139 ($119 if prepaid)

Perfect for homeowners and soon-to-be home sellers who want to get the lay of the land from an expert point of view. Typically, a one-hour site visit, an expedient analysis leaves you with the insight needed to make important decisions for your home.

Comprehensive Inspection — $259

If you think there’s a problem with your roof, or it’s recently received work performed of questionable quality, it might be time to dig into the details and build an understanding of your roof from the inside out.

Whether narrowly focused on a specific problem or broadly encompassing all the elements of your roof as a system, a comprehensive inspection begins with a statement of purpose, works through a list of components that apply to it, and ends with photographs, notes, and specific solutions that address the discovery.

Typically, a 1-2 hour process on-site, and the same in the office to produce the report.


Berridge Approved Roofing Contractor

Versico Good Metal Quality Contractor

Owens Corning Preferred Contractor

CertainTeed Shingle Master

GAF Master Elite Contractor

IKO ShieldPRO Contractor

Roof Shield Maintenance Program

Looking for an even more “hands off” solution? Automate your roof’s maintenance with the Roof Shield Maintenance Program.

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