Residential Roof Inspections

Whether you’re preparing to sell your home, have a leak, or suspect there might be a problem with your roof, professional inspection is the answer to a worrying mind. Shed light on the unknown so you can act with clarity.

Residential Roof Inspections

Our qualified roof inspectors walk the entire roof area to identify and photograph its condition and performance, the good and the bad both, documenting the results on a roof plan. The roofing expertise of our inspectors allows them to find not only the obvious roof deficiencies, but also the no-so-obvious, which could eventually cause significant problems and possibly early failure.
A report is then generated, with photos, which outlines the information gathered and recommends corrective actions. The report can also provide an estimated budget for any recommended roof repairs.

17 Point Inspection

This quick and straightforward inspection process will reveal your roof’s overall condition and what to do about it: if repair or replacement is needed, and any actions you could take now to promote the longevity of your roof. This inspection is usually done within 30 minutes and a copy of the inspection report is left for your review.

Comprehensive Inspection

This is a more in-depth look into your roof and its components. A Comprehensive Inspection is most often requested to address a specific roofing problem. Frequently, a company other than ourselves has performed work to a residence and the client left the process concerned about their roof. They want credible perspective from an outside point of view, and that’s what a Comprehensive Inspection provides in abundant detail.

The exhaustive report that concludes a Comprehensive Inspection can be very specific, addressing one problem or area of concern, or it can be structured to encompass the entire roof. It usually begins with statement of the reason for the inspection and then goes through a list of relevant points of focus pertaining to it. The list will change as the need, scope, or reason for the inspection changes. The process and the end product are tailored on the spot to answer your questions and meet the needs of your roof.

The report will include photographs, notes, and offer solutions to meet the desired outcome or findings. The inspection generally requires 1-2 hours on-site and an additional 1-2 hours to assemble the report, depending on the amount of information, photos, and complexity of the issue.

Inspection Fees

17 Point Inspection

$139 or REDUCED TO $119 prepaid with credit card.

Detailed Inspection

$259 or REDUCED TO $239 prepaid with credit card.