Commercial Roofing Emergency Service

Business happens around the clock, and emergencies never take time off. Get help with storm damage, leaks, and sudden issues to keep the doors open.

Commercial Roofing Emergency Service

When the sky is falling and your roof’s not there to hold it up, our emergency service will create a protective layer to stop mother nature from entering the building.

We help mitigate current leaks to prevent further damage where possible with tarping. We isolate damaged areas from public access and create temporary dry-ins to provide property owners and managers enough time to make repairs.

Commercial Roofing Emergency Service Components

Emergency Tarping

Impacts, punctures, wind, and fire can damage a roof assembly and allow weather to enter the building. Our emergency tarping covers those failure points to prevent further damage to structural components and the building interior.

Temporary Dry-In

When your roof assembly layers are compromised or damaged, everything below is next in line. Temporary dry-ins ensure that weather-sensitive materials are protected while providing time for roof consultations and complex repairs.

Commercial Roofing Emergency Service Fees

We’ll provide you with a complete and detailed quote after inspection.

Minimum Fees

<100 sqft – $350

101 – 500 sqft – $450

501 – 1000 sqft – $750

>1001 sqft – to be determined on-site.

Note: 20% surcharge for steep or multi-story


Emergency roofing services are available in Brazos, Grimes, Washington, Waller, and Austin counties.

Roof Shield Maintenance Program members receive priority service.