The BulletProof Roof Guarantee®

The industry’s best roof warranty program covers installation, materials, and workmanship beyond manufacturer specifications. Backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back!

BulletProof Roof Guarantee®

What do you mean BulletProof?
Is your roof really bulletproof ?
Can you shoot it with a gun?

We’re glad you asked! No, it doesn’t mean you can shoot it with a gun! The concept began with the fact that various roofing products and services offer warranties and guarantees, but when you go to use those warranties and guarantees, you find out they’re “full of holes”.

A hole is every reason a product or service provider gives you for not honoring their warranty or guarantee. Schulte Roofing® has created a roof installation with warranties and guarantees that aren’t “full of holes.” In other words, they’re BulletProof! How can such a service be provided?


A complete roof system

It all starts with a complete manufacturer roof system: using a single manufacturer for all necessary components of your roof maximizes your material warranty. Without this, a manufacturer could deny a future claim and create a ‘hole’ in their warranty that only your money can fill!

Next, we use a high-wind fastening pattern, a premium underlayment, ice and water shields at valleys and penetrations, and premium ventilation — all to build the perfect roof. Our quality control manager inspects each job before being presented to the owner for final approval.


Manufacturer-trained and certified roofers

Our roofs are installed by manufacturer-trained, certified installers, all of whom we thoroughly screened and drug-tested prior to employment with us. Our installers attend monthly safety meetings and take continuing education courses weekly: we take no chances with your safety or peace of mind. An unskilled, untrained, unscreened worker can improperly install roofing materials and void the manufacturer’s warranty. That will not happen when you hire Schulte Roofing® to handle your roofing job.


Lifetime Warranty Coverage

Lifetime Transferable Workmanship Warranty*

Roof installations that are built in accordance with manufacturer extended warranty guidelines.

Manufacturer-backed Materials Warranty

Manufacturer warranties that cover roof materials and components for more than 50 years.


(3) Years of Roof Maintenance Included

The BulletProof Roof Guarantee® includes a three (3) year membership in our exclusive Roof Shield Maintenance Program, which provides you with:

  • Annual 17-point roof inspection
  • Annual gutter cleaning – up to 150 feet!
  • Annual skylight cleaning (2)
  • Annual debris removal – up to 100 square feet!
  • Repainting of all roof jacks and vents
  • Resealing and fastening all flashings
  • Fixing of any “nail pops”
  • Reduced service fees
  • 10% discount on repairs
  • Guaranteed appointments within 24 hours!
  • Priority status after a storm
  • Free emergency tarping!***


100% satisfaction or your money back**

The No Blame Game Guarantee

When a roof fails while under a manufacturer’s warranty, homeowners often find themselves caught in the middle of a blame game. The contractor blames the roofing manufacturer’s product for the failure and the manufacturer blames the contractor for faulty installation. This standoff often leaves the homeowner out in the rain (or, as we say, there’s “another hole in the warranty”).

Our 25-year NO BLAME GAME guarantee states that should a manufacturer make excuses and refuse to honor their warranty, Schulte Roofing® will accept responsibility and repair your roof at no charge to you. For a full 25 years.

$500.00 Leak Guarantee

If your Schulte Roofing® installed roof develops a leak under normal conditions (ie, not because of tornadoes, hurricanes, ice damming, work of other trades, etc.) due to material defects or workmanship, we will repair the leak and any interior damage at no cost to you. Not only that, we will pay you $500.00! That’s how confident we are in our roofing installations.


The fine print

* Lifetime Transferable Workmanship

Applies only to roof installations built under manufacturer extended warranties. To transfer: 1) the roof must be reinspected by an authorized representative of Schulte Roofing® and found acceptable under the warranty conditions, and 2) a transfer fee must be paid.

** Money-Back Guarantee

Schulte Roofing® must receive final payment upon completion. Changes or delays due to weather cannot be a reason for dissatisfaction. For any customer complaint, we must be given 48 hours to respond to and address such issues and three (3) business days to make any changes deemed necessary to bring the roof into a 100%-satisfaction status.

In the unlikely event, all issues are addressed and corrected within the above-stated timeline and the customer remains dissatisfied, a manufacturer’s representative of the product installed will be called upon for their expertise in product quality and installation workmanship. Upon inspection, if that representative finds a product or installation deficiency, the roof will be removed at a time agreed upon by the owner and Schulte Roofing® and a refund check will be issued. Schulte Roofing® will “dry-in” the roof upon removal and carry no guarantee on the roof from that time forward. Any fee associated with this inspection shall be the responsibility of Schulte Roofing®.

***Free Emergency Tarping Details

No upfront costs to the owner. All costs are billed directly to the insurance company.

How It Started

Learn the history on how the BulletProof Roof Guarantee® started.

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