We love to help our local communities. Partner with us to make a true impact and a real difference in our neighbors lives.


We believe in making a positive impact in our local community and every community we serve. We partner with amazing organizations that not only help those most in need, but also provide a platform to help the entire community grow together.


If you would like to partner with Schulte Roofing® on your next community sponsorship project, please check the following rules.

  • Must have a 501 C3 status.
  • Be a member of a local community that we serve.
  • Provide positive assistance for the indigent.
  • Offer assistance irregardless of politics, race, gender, sexuality, religion.
  • Been in existence for at least (5) years.
  • Positive reputation in the public for a record of assistance and community activism.
  • Active promotion of community sponsorship in local news, social media, and with local leaders.
  • Cause and organization mission has to fall with in the parameters of Schulte Roofing’s values.


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