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Single Ply roofing membranes provide a variety of materials to choose from. Their main characteristic is that they are designed to be installed in one layer. They also exhibit great flexibility and they are resistant to UV radiation is superior when compared to other products. It is usually black or white finish, and glued, fastened or install directly over roof insulation material.

Made of an especially durable material with a low-temperature flexibility and a high-temperature tolerance, these roofs are exceptionally resistant to ultraviolet, ozone and chemical exposure. TPO roofs can be expected to have a lifespan of 20+ years, and also feature a high resistance to fire, punctures, chemicals and high winds. TPO and PVC roofs can be mechanically attached or fully adhered with a thickness of 45, 60, or 80 millimeter and a fleece back membrane.

EPDM is an extremely durable synthetic rubber roofing membrane (ethylene propylene diene terpolymer) widely used in low-slope buildings in the United States and worldwide. Its two primary ingredients, ethylene, and propylene are derived from oil and natural gas. EPDM is available in both black and white and is sold in a broad variety of widths, ranging from 7.5 feet to fifty feet, and in two thicknesses, 45 and 60 mils. EPDM can be installed either fully adhered, mechanically attached or ballasted, with the seams of the roofing system sealed with liquid adhesives or specially formulated taped up seams.


A built-up roofing is composed of several layers of bitumen surfaces and finished up with an aggregate layer or coating. The most common type is asphalt hot or cold-applied. The asphalt base is great for absorbing Texas summer heat.

Metal roofs are extremely strong and can easily withstand many weather events such as hail, wind, and snow. These roofs are also more energy efficient than many alternatives because they reflect sunlight, which helps to keep the building cooler. Metal roofs also come in many different styles, colors, and textures. We can install one for you that fits your preferences perfectly.

Green roofs are typically flat roofs that are partially or completely covered with vegetation and soil and planted over a waterproofing membrane. Green roofing systems reduce the urban heat island effect by soaking up the heat and also are found to dramatically improve a roof’s insulation value – lengthening the lifespan of the roof by as much as two to three times longer and saving on heating and cooling costs.

PV solar panels installed over a rooftop or used with glass, membrane and roof-mounted tile, absorb sunlight and convert it to energy that can be used to power a building. Although not in wide use, PV panel roofs offer great potential to conserve energy and control skyrocketing costs.


Roof pavers are ideal for adding beauty and weather resistance to your roofs. They help your roof to be stronger, and to more effectively drain water. We have a wide variety of roof pavers to choose from.


Roof hatches allow you to safely access your roof. They can be built with an interior ladder, ship stair, or service stair. We can build roof hatches for you in a wide variety of sizes. These hatches are extremely convenient and prevent you from having to use exterior ladders to access your roof.


Skylights can add beauty to an interior space, and they can let a lot of natural light in. Because of this, many people want them on their roofs. We can create breathtaking skylights for you if you want them installed. Also, we can repair and replace your existing skylights if this is a service that you need. Many older skylights can leak water, so it is a good idea to replace them if they are more than a few decades old.

Hurricanes and other severe storms can cause serious damage to roofs. We provide roof coping and flashing installation services which can help to protect your roof during these harsh weather events. Whether or not your roof is adequately covered during a harsh storm can determine whether or not it is damaged. It is typically far cheaper to prevent your roof from being damaged than to repair or replace it after the damage has occurred.


Tapered insulation is the logical choice for low-slope roofs because its shape eliminates ponding of water on your roof. It is used to provide a slope that drains and provides thermal insulation. Its best used for built-up, modified bitumen, and single-ply roof systems.

Flat insulation has a high compressive strength and R-value that remains constant over time. Because it has better moisture resistance and a high drying potential, thermal barriers are not always needed.


If you’re in the early stages and trying to plan a budget or just curious what a new roof would cost, the “Get Estimate Now” will give you a “ballpark” figure, based on some generalities/ assumptions, and can be returned to you within 24 hours or the next business day. If you’re further along in the process or needing a more detailed, precise proposal, the “Get Detailed Quote” is the choice you want to select. This can either be done with a set of plans and specifications or an on site visit.

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