Commercial Roof Replacement

You need ongoing access to your building during replacement. It’s imperative the interior remains dry throughout the process. We go the extra mile with customer service because we understand.

Commercial Roof Replacement

Replacements and repairs are performed without the involvement of a general contractor. The impact to your operation is minimized and controllable.

If your building has defined hours of operation like a school or an office, we work around that schedule, and we handle the temporary closure of roads and parking lots ourselves. If there’s fire-proofing material involved, we build containment systems to keep dust where it belongs.

Roofing Assemblies

Whether you need to incorporate extra insulation for an ice cream factory or build in reinforcement to support heavy loads, Schulte Roofing ® will help you design the assembly that best meets the specific needs of your building.

For example, in our role building the Bright Football Complex at Texas A&M, we integrated strategies to create a Class A fire rating to maximize safety in every way possible. We can design a custom assembly with your needs foremost in mind or implement the vision you have in hand, all the way to the limit of manufacturer specification.

Commercial Roofing Projects


All personnel are trained in the following for their safety and yours.

30 Hour OSHA

Ladder Safety

Crane Rigging

Fall Protection

Scaffold Safety




Carlisle Syntec Authorized Applicator

Berridge Manufacturer & Installer

MBCI Approved Contractor

NCI Certified Contractor

Underwriters Laboratories (UL® Certified)

Versico Good Metal Quality Contractor

Owens Corning Preferred Contractor

CertainTeed Silver Star Contractor

Sheffield Metal Authorized Manufacturer and Installer

Hunter Insulation Panel Qualified Contractor


25+ Years of Business

$3,000,000+ Bonding Capacity

$10,000,000+ General Liability Coverage

OSHA Compliant

Workers’ Compensation Coverage

BBB Torch Award

DUNS Number

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