Residential Roof Replacement

Roof replacement with total restoration; performance and property value fully revived and backed by industry-leading warranties.

Residential Roof Replacement

Barring the exception of damage caused by destructive weather, roof replacement is typically a once-in-a-lifetime event. That’s why it’s the ideal moment to consider the upgrade possibilities and performance features that would best compliment your home and contribute towards its value and curb appeal.

With possibilities like improved energy efficiency, impact-resistance, and weather and wind resistance on the table, and even solar, rainwater collection, and green roofing components to think about, the question isn’t, “ am I going to replace my roof?” The right question is, “am I going to seize the opportunity to improve my roof?” And with the rebates and incentives available for Energy-Star® rated materials, the answer is, “YES!”

Roof Systems

The components that together form your roof operate in harmony as a system, each element thoughtfully chosen to collaborate with others to ensure a high-performing functionality that lasts for decades. That’s why extended warranties are only available when a roof is replaced as a whole system, because only then can every variable can be accounted for in its design and construction.

If repair to your existing roof is remains an idea, it might appear to be the less expensive option at first glance. But it might not be in reality, weighed against the value and security of knowing that the replacement of your roof system it a long-term, guaranteed solution.


Insurance policies are dynamic and revised constantly, sometimes making policies hard to understand. We help you manage changes in coverage and deductions to help you make informed decisions that keep your building protected.

Our insurance claims specialist helps all building owners, property managers, and homeowners navigate claims with their insurance company. From evidentiary documentation to submittal forms and pre-approvals, the entire restoration process has been streamlined to minimize the impact on your business and home life.

Roof Replacement Process

1. Inspection

The roof replacement process begins with a complete inspection of the roof’s current condition. All roofing components are manually and visually inspected for replacement.

2. Analysis & Remedy

The extent of roof replacement is determined by the measurements taken during the inspection stage. The number of components, the area size, and number of levels are some of the main factors that determine a total restoration remedy.

3. Options

Thousands of manufacturer, material, and color options are filtered and presented based on the goals of the building or home. Popular goals include energy efficiency, impact-resistance, lifespan, and warranty length.

4. Removal

Damaged and worn roofing components are removed by hand to prevent any additional damage to roof substructures. They are then carefully lowered to the ground into a designated waste container. The old components are then sent off for disposal or recycling.

5. Installation

The new roofing components are installed according to manufacturer specification by a team of hand-trained installers led by a field superintendent. Each roof is built with the latest installation technique by manufacturer-certified installers to ensure manufacturer warranty.

6. Wrap Up

A final sweep of loose materials is done, including a magnetic sweep for nails and metal roofing components. A quality control specialist manually inspects the workmanship quality of the installation process before signing off. A verification with the building owner, property manager, or homeowner is done to ensure 100% satisfaction.

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