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Neighbor-envious curb appeal

Stand out from your neighbors and up to competitors when you personalize the look of your home or building. Upgrade and expand features, create additional spaces, or completely change up your style into something modern, traditional, or historical.

Performance and protection come standard.

To support you for a lifetime, we use materials that are fire, impact, wind, and heat resistant. We design and build roofs in Boerne that perform under any climate condition.

Roofing designed for any budget.

Turn your roofing ideas into something you’ll love, no matter your budget. Select a top-rated manufacturer, performance features, and work with our team to create a high-performing roof that holds your bottom line.

Built to last

The last roof for your building or home.

Long-term Durability

  • Impact & fire resistance.
  • Heavy & wind-driven rain resistance.
  • Extreme temperature resistance.

Installation & Workmanship

  • Professionally trained crew & installers.
  • Certified manufacturer, safety, & insured.
  • Drug screened, background checked teams.


  • Limited & lifetime warranties.
  • 10-Year & 25-Year NDL coverage.
  • *BulletProof Roof Guarantee®

Solar Power Collection

  • Solar Panel Options
  • Solar Shingle Options
  • Solar Tile Options

Rainwater Collection

  • Roof Catchment Options
  • Gutter System Options


  • Metal Walls
  • Metal Panels
  • Custom Fabrication

We are Professionals

We bring craftsmanship to
Boerne roofing.

Commerical Roofing

From roof assemblies to building systems and components, Select a top-rated manufacturer and work with our team to create a high-performing roof assembly on time and on budget.

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Residential Roofing

Browse and personalize with our thousands of options of Boerne residential roofing services, systems, and additional components that we design and build just for your home.

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We’ve been vetted. We’ve earned certifications across the roofing industry, including associations, OSHA, government compliance, manufacturers, and independent 3rd parties.

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Professionally trained, manufacturer-approved, background-checked, and drug screened. Check out what makes us so qualified to design & build Boerne roofing systems.

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Take the risk out of your next roofing project with a licensed and verified contractor. Request our building permits, worker’s compensation, and full liability coverage proof anytime, anywhere.

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Neighbor-tested and homeowner-approved. See how our Boerne roofing work has earned us awards that make us nationally ranked and locally sourced.

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The 5 Most Common Questions that Boerne Roofing Customers Ask

How much does roofing cost?

The price of a Boerne roofing job can depend on its complexity. This includes the size (area), number of levels, service type (replacement vs. repair), roof age, home/building age, material availability, weather, and material type. Typical ranges for complete replacements can start as low as $10,000 for a 1,600-square-foot starter home. To see how we can design and build the perfect roof for you, view your budget options by getting started.

How long does roofing take?

The length of time can depend on the complexity of each project. For example, the size (area), number of levels, service type (replacement vs. repair), roof age, home/building age, material availability, weather, and material type can affect the project’s length.

Once your roof materials and crews are secured, the average reroof (replacement) of a single-family home in Boerne, TX takes only a few hours. This includes tear down, installation, and clean-up time.

How long does roofing last?

The lifespan of a roofing system or roof assembly depends on the quality of the materials, installation, and workmanship behind the installation. Roofs from popular manufacturers are now rated to last 10-50 years and beyond when installed and maintained according to manufacturer specification (outside of force majure).

What does a roofing warranty cover?

Roofing warranties cover different aspects of the Boerne roofing process. Manufacturer warranties only cover the materials when installed exactly to the manufacturer’s specification. They do not cover installation or any other labor-related charges.

Warranties that cover the installation, labor, and repairs are provided by the roofer or roofing company directly. That means if the installation is done improperly, then the roofer warranty must cover this liability and not the manufacturer. If a material defect is found, occasionally manufacturers may cover installation and labor charges of certified and preferred roofing companies.

All of our work comes with a minimum 12-month workmanship warranty. We also offer 10, 20, 25, and 50 NDL warranties covering workmanship and installation, for both commercial and residential roofs. Our signature BulletProof Roof Guarantee® is the industry’s best warranty and guarantee system for those seeking the ultimate peace of mind and covers the gaps between the manufacturer and roofing company warranties.

What kind of roofing is the best?

With over a thousand options of material and color, the best kind of roofing is the kind that meets your goals. Metal might be a good fit if you’re looking for impact resistance against the seasonal hailstorm in Boerne. If you’re looking for an architectural enhancement to your building or home, then slate or tile roofing might be a better fit. Or, if you’re looking for a lower installation cost, composite or asphalt shingles might fit best.

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