Working with all major insurance providers to professionally expedite the roofing process in Bryan County and beyond.

Guidance for Agents and Homeowners

For almost a decade, Schulte Roofing has focused on perfecting the roofing process. Throughout this duration, we have discovered a common concern that can delay any roofing project: when to call an insurance agent.

To circumvent this important issue, our in-house insurance specialists are on standby to assist with any roofing project. Our specialists know when an insurance agent needs to be contacted and we follow up with the insurance company throughout the deductible process on your behalf. Doing so makes it possible for our roofers to streamline the roofing process and avoid any unnecessary delays.

You’ll get a complete inspection, professional recommendations, diagnosis, and any permits that might be needed. Our close working relationship with your own insurance agent ensures client comfort and knowledge throughout the process.

We follow up through the deductible process and then swiftly move forward with the agreed upon repair or replacement.

Meeting The Roofing Needs of Residential and Commercial Buildings

Our stylish roofing options make it easy for the great citizens of Bryan County to highlight the features of their home or business establishment.

Composition Roofs

Despite the low installation costs, our basic roof type has a lot to offer. The composition roof type is comprised of EnergyStarcertified shingles that are resistant to hail and algae by design. Each composition shingle is available in a wide variety of colors and texture options to assist customers with creating the perfect rooftop.

Metal Roofs

Protect your favorite establishment with a professional shield from the elements. From hail to high winds, the metal roof type can endure the majority of what mother nature dishes out. This durable roof is a highly functional architectural design that provides the substantial protection you need. Plus, the metal roof requires very little maintenance after installation.

Schulte Roofing a College Station Roofer - Tile and Slate Roofs

Tile & Slate Roofs

Enhance the aesthetic beauty of your home with a vibrant tile and slate roof. This textured roof type is available in a wide variety of colors and styles. The different combinations have the potential to highlight the smooth exterior walls of your home or business establishment.

Schulte Roofing a College Station roofer - Flat and Low Slope Roofs

Flat & Low Slope

For a functional roof type, procure the flat and low slope option. By leveling the top of your residence or business, you can create a unique area that holds great potential. Regardless of whether you are in need of additional space for grilling or gardening, a flat and low slope roof may be the solution you are seeking.

Professionally Servicing Your Roof

Over the years, a roof may endure a variety of harsh elements. Building a rooftop that can withstand such brutal exposure is entirely dependent upon the roofers. Bryan Roofing Company takes pride in providing a high-quality roofing experience that can live up to expectations. Which is why we provide the following services to cater to your unique roof, regardless of its history.

  • Repairs – Occasionally a rooftop will sustain damage in an isolated location. To address this delicate issue, we match our repairs to your roof’s unique color and texture.
  • Inspections – To make sure that you are receiving the optimal service based on your roofing needs, we conduct a complete inspection of your roof. When we arrive onsite to conduct an inspection, you will receive an in-depth analysis and professional recommendations on how to proceed.
  • Reroof – During our in-depth analysis of your roof, we may discover that it is damaged beyond repair. If this occurs, we have you covered. Our reroofing options are affordable, stylish, and designed to accentuate your home or business.
  • Maintenance – Regular roof checkups are an easy and feasible way to invest in the lifespan of your roof. By vigilantly monitoring the status of your roof you can stay up-to-date with its current condition and be on the lookout for any potential issues that can be costly if ignored.

Our Guaranteed Protection Plan

We want to make sure that our craftsmanship and roofs are adequately covered. To achieve this, all of our work is covered by a minimum 12-month workmanship warranty as well as the original manufacturer warranty. In addition to these basic warranties, we offer specific warranties of varying lengths to match homeowner’s needs.For the industry’s best warranty program, equip your roof with the BulletProof Roof Guarantee®.

Do I Need a Roof Maintenance Plan?

A plan is not required to receive our roofing services, however, roof maintenance is your first line of defense against the eroding effect of nature. Neglecting to maintain your roof for a substantial amount of time can allow an inexpensive issue to become expensive very easily.

Is There a Good Time of The Year To Replace My Roof?

You can replace your roof at any time of the year. To avoid delays due to bad weather, however, the optimal time to schedule roofing work is either before or after spring. During this time, storms and heavy rain are a common occurrence here in Bryan, TX.

How Do I Know I am Getting The Right Roof For Me?

When seeking out a contractor for a new roof or roof repairs, you want to receive the optimal roofing experience. This entails finding a great roofing company to install a durable roof that is cost-effective and attractive. Save time and start your search with Bryan Roofing Company. Our onsite inspection, in-depth analysis, and professional recommendations provide the insightful peek you need to make an educated choice.

Why Should I Choose Schulte Roofing?

Workmanship, honesty, respect, and reputation are the key traits that have earned Schulte Roofing the title of #1 Roofing Company in Brazos Valley. Entrusting us with your roofing project is a great way to equip your home or business with a shield against the elements. Plus, we are the only roofer with the roofing industry’s best guarantee and warranty program, The BulletProof Roof Guarantee®.

How Do I Choose The Right Roofing Company?

  • Ask Questions – Knowing is half the battle. Entrust a company that is dedicated to answering each of your questions and addressing all of your concerns. We know the roofing industry intimately and take pride in providing you with a quality roofing experience. After the initial call to Bryan Roofing Company, if you have any additional inquiries or apprehensions that need to be addressed, call us back.
  • Pay Attention To The Details – Always call and verify the insurance information provided by your roofing contractor. Be sure to review all of the warranty documentation, licenses, and permits. Double check the roofing contract to confirm that the work you asked for is actually being conducted. The roofing process requires more than just nailing down shingles. Bryan Roofing Company walks you through the entire process from start to finish to keep you involved, up-to-date, and adequately informed.
  • Weigh Your Goals and Needs – With an in-depth analysis of your roof’s current condition from Bryan Roofing Company, you can properly assess the services you require. From there, our professional roofers provide professional recommendations based on this information, as well as live demos of the materials and styles you are considering.All Bryan Roofing Company customers receive the 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. This ensures a well-built, affordable, and stylish roof for every budget type. Our commitment to excellence has helped us to earn the #1 Roofing Company in Bryan, TX from The Eagle every year since 2009.

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Selecting the best roof type for your home can be challenging. After all, every custom rooftop has distinct qualities that will highlight various elements of your home or business. Fortunately, the trained roofers at Schulte Roofing understand how to efficiently navigate this complex process. Our experience makes it possible for us to professionally assist customers with isolating the best roofing option.

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