Bright Football Complex

An agile, multi-team approach to a $20M total renovation for the Texas A&M Football Program that was impacted by hailstorms.


Texas A&M’s Bright Football Complex is home to the Texas A&M Football Program and sits in the south end zone of Kyle field. Between 2013 and 2015, the premier facility underwent a $20.8 million total renovation. Efforts to modernize the over 36,000 square feet created new functional, entertainment, and common space with a new addition to the complex. Recent hailstorms in the area sped up the renovation schedule by damaging several portions existing roof assembly.


Renovation work was already underway and on schedule, according to the football calendar. The hailstorm, however, accelerated that timeline. The change in weather required the replacement of the existing roof assembly over much of the complex and the installation of a new roof over the new construction to be done at the same time. This required a large team to be organized and quick with its approach. To qualify for insurance coverage, the entire roof assembly, new and existing, also had to meet FM Global’s strict coverage requirements.


We created an agile master project management plan designed specifically to meet FM Global’s coverage requirements. To install the new commercial roof assembly on the complex addition, we deployed a commercial roofing team that specializes in large-scale commercial new construction roofing. Simultaneously, we deployed another team that handled the roof replacement of the complex’s 2-year-old failed assembly. We joined the replacement and new construction together with pavers on the front side of the building to create a new functional courtyard and entrance.

To meet coverage requirements, we performed additional testing and created the accompanying insurance and warranty documentation as soon as our QA teams signed off on installation, performance, and workmanship. Over the course of the project, all 5 of the Bright Football Complex’s roofs were completed with full FM Global coverage.

Our Work

Bright Football Complex - Texas A&M University - Schulte Roofing

Photo by Oldag07

Roof Pavers on the Bright Football Complex Building - by Schulte Roofing