Central Texas Sports Medicine

A Division 1 training facility designed for athletes by athletes. The 70k sqft facility required hard-to-find flat roof and metal roof materials to be combined into 1 assembly.


Opened in 2016, the Central Texas Sports Medicine building, also known as the D1 building, is a Division 1 sports training facility designed by athletes for athletes. The facility is expansive, designed to give athletes enough space for medical assistance, rehabilitation, and training. To cover that space and to allow easy roof access, 70,000 square feet of a commercial flat roof was designed by the architects and construction company to be installed.


The size of the roof affected all aspects of the design and installation. The design of the building called for a non-typical color roof assembly. Sourcing the hard-to-find material required accommodating additional lead time. Installing the material so that it performed according to architect design and manufacturer specification would prevent water ponding and pooling. But this required workmanship to be consistent over the entire 70k sqft. Additionally, custom fabricated flashing was required for the masonry on top of the building.


To accommodate the lead time for the light-colored roof assembly materials, we began with the metal roofs and custom flashing. Our in-house metal fabrication shop produced the standing seam panels and the custom flashing. As our commercial installers completed the metal roofs, the rest of the flat roof materials arrived on site. We installed the commercial flat roof and joined the multi-level assembly together.