Simmons Bank


Located on University Dr., Simmons Bank opened its new branch in College Station, Texas. With over 100 years of experience, Simmons Bank was eager to expand operations into a growing BS market. They had recently acquired Spirit of Texas Bank, but when leaks caused by aging began to show, it became hard for them to settle in the facility. Schulte Roofing was tasked to perform a roof replacement for the bank so that they could get back to their daily operations.


While the roof replacement project was very straightforward, a few concerns needed to be addressed. First, the parking lot was limited in size, with an extra drive-through service area connected to the bank. Our project managers would then have to make it their responsibility to create an environment where everyone was safe and workers could still finish the project on time.

Secondly, Simmons Bank caters to a list of important clientele. These customers were already used to the parking lot and where they typically parked. So we had to figure out a way to work around the customers without inconveniencing them or the business during the bank’s daily operations.

Additionally, the roof had to meet certain Bryan, TX building codes, energy efficiency goals, and impact-resistant material to protect against seasonal hail storms. The roof assembly also needed to be durable to support future AC units and rooftop access by multiple trades who would come after the project was complete.


We first created a careful and selective closure of the limited parking lot areas and traffic to address the customers’ concerns. This method minimized the impact on Simmons Bank’s clientele flow from in and out of the parking lot, the drive-through, and the lobby, preventing any hassle for the customers.

Crew members also set up temporary staging areas in the parking lot to avoid getting in the way of customers. Our lift system was also utilized, allowing the crew to get materials on and off the roof to help further reduce the area used. And since our workers require only a few square feet to finish any roof replacement process effectively, crews, materials, and supplies were also successfully deployed in small succession to cut down on space.

We also practiced additional safety measures. For the entire roofing replacement project, they replaced the roof without any heavy materials lifted over the crew members and customers. These actions further prevented potential injury and allowed crew members and Simmons Bank customers to walk around without concern about falling debris.

Overall, the roof replacement project finished smoothly and on schedule. As a result of our great partnership and reliability, we were onboarded by Simmons Bank to help with other 5 other locations across Texas.