Texas Casual Cottages

Designing and building multiple residential standing seam metal roofs for the #1 custom builder in Texas for one of the hottest markets in the country.


Whether you’re building a weekend retreat or a permanent residence, Texas Casual Cottages, will build your custom home on your land in the country. If you’re looking for a farmhouse, ranch house, or guest cottage, the custom builder can create your one-of-a-kind home with their turnkey approach. This method has simplified the construction process for thousands of homeowners. It is one of the many reasons they are considered the #1 custom builder in Texas. When they sought to create their flagship model park in the Brazos Valley, they needed a roofing contractor who could fit their construction process and who had a reputation for consistently good work.


Being the #1 custom builder in Texas means high demand, especially in the Brazos Valley. Lots are sold as soon as they are released, and homeowners want to move in yesterday. Not only did the projects require working with several other subcontractors and trades across many projects, but tight schedules were also the norm. And while all the roofs were residential standing seam metal roofs, each one required custom-cut roofs, gable vents, and trim.


We synced our production and installation teams across each project, designing and building each roof successively. Our in-house sheet metal shop produced the standing seam metal panels, cut to specification, which were then delivered to installers on site. While the ff100 panels were installed, our on-site sheet metal fabricators created custom vents and trims. The QA team manually checked our metal roofing workmanship before passing it to Texas Casual Cottage’s project managers. Our production process, material handling, and project management meant there were no delays with any of the new construction roofs.