The Woodlands Church of Christ

A commercial roof replacement that was designed and installed to join composition shingles and high-performance TPO into a single assembly.


The Woodlands Church of Christ is a large 35,346 square-foot building located just off of I45, outside of The Woodlands, TX. The church and its structure hold worship services, bible classes, youth lectures, and host special events for the community. Because of its congregation size and the growing surrounding area, the building was originally designed to maximize functional space and allow the congregation to grow. Since its original construction, the needs of the building have changed based on that growth, and the roof needed to be replaced for the next phase of the building’s life and to accommodate the new performance demands.


The roof assembly, while seemingly straightforward, had 3 major hurdles; material handling, installation technique, and roofing at scale while maintaining a tight schedule. To avoid interrupting worship services, we had to overcome damaged material delays, used specialized installation techniques at every roof junction, and manually checked the workmanship of the dual commercial assembly before Sunday morning.


We relied on our experience as a commercial roofing company to create and implement a project plan that was straightforward for both the church and our team. After our inspection, we could apply our knowledge of commercial roofing safety guidelines to hook up quickly and start with the demo process.

Once materials from the distributor arrived on-site, our team immediately inspected those materials and sent back any damaged materials. While waiting on the delivery of the rest of the materials from the distributor, our team continued with the installation. With a specialized technique, we added insulation with nail boards to the shingle roof.

As we continued to join the TPO and shingle portions of the roof together, the rest of the materials were delivered. Our team of installers then completed their portion of the project, with our quality assurance team checking workmanship. Solid project management coordinated our team members, responding to issues while remaining on budget and on time.


The Woodlands Church of Christ - Schulte Roofing
The Woodlands Roofing - Skylights - Schulte Roofing
The Woodlands Church of Christ - Schulte Roofing