West Campus Player Development Center

Texas A&M University’s Player Development Center’s roof was built new in less than 2 weeks during an epic shortage of talent and materials.


Texas A&M University’s state-of-the-art Player Development Center-West Campus in College Station, Texas opened in the summer of 2014. Replacing Netum Steed Laboratory during the major Kyle Field renovation, all of TAMU’s athletic teams use the PDC. The 26,577 square foot center houses weightlifting, exercise science lab, hydrotherapy pool, DEXA body scanner, and classrooms.

During the massive renovation at Kyle Field, a hurricane hit the Gulf of Mexico, damaging much of Texas’ shoreline and coastal areas. Talent and materials were sent to recovery areas in and around Houston. This supply chain impact threatened the construction timeline and budget if not done according to the master schedule.


The entire roofing industry felt the impact of the hurricane on the gulf areas. Roofers from all over the country were called to respond and help coastal communities rebuild. Materials were also diverted to affected areas en route, delaying countless other projects. Most of our crews were also called down to assist Houston-area businesses and residents. This meant we had to secure both the talent and materials when both were extremely hard to get hold of.


We leveraged our reputation and stability to turn tight restrictions into project strengths. Our project managers reduced the new construction timeline to 2 weeks, which allowed us to divert one of our crews from the impacted area only temporarily. We also designed the roof assembly around a material that was commonly in stock. Using our reputation, we sourced the TPO materials from multiple distributors, with onsite delivery occurring simultaneously. The recovery process took the gulf several months, and using this agile approach, we completed multiple TAMU-Manhattan projects across campus.