Residential Tile Roofs

Beautiful tile roofs that express your home as much as they add to its value. Fire/weather/impact resistant, EnergyStar® rated, and a compliment to every architectural style.

Residential Tile Roofs

Few roofing products are as aesthetically appealing and long lasting as tile roofs. The many available styles and colors complement any architectural style and are great for both commercial and residential applications. A tile roof gives your building instant curb appeal, something very few products can claim.

Tile Roof Systems

Unique among roof systems, a tile roof is more than just the type of tile you choose. It relies upon impermeable underlayment. Metal components are central to its functionality and it’s important to confirm they will contribute towards your home’s aesthetic as well. Well-chosen ingredients work together to build a beautiful, long-lasting and dependable roof system.

  • Type of Tile (concrete, clay) 1 or 2 piece [not waterproof]
  • Metal components (flashing, valley, headwall, – copper, metal, lead)
  • Underlayment (important, tile is porous.) Do not use felt– you have to use a watertight barrier.
  • Substrate (sturdiness may vary depending on the weight of the tile you pick.)

2 Piece Design

An overlapping two-piece tile design that evokes an ageless traditional style and aesthetic.

1 Piece

One main piece to deliver traditional aesthetics with fewer tiles, a savings to materials and installation time.

Tile Roof Types

Tile roofs are available in a variety of hard materials; glass, metal, ceramic, stone, or baked clay. The diversity of material types allow tile roofs to be designed for specific goals like fire protection, energy conservation, eco-friendliness, wind resistance (up to 150mph), and impact resistance.

Clay Tile

Ceramic Tile

Concrete Tile

Stone Tile

Metal Tile

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