Welcome to the Resources section for Schulte Roofing. It is our belief that an educated customer is a person who will work with us to make the very best decisions about any roofing, siding and windows for their residence or business. To accomplish that, we are offering various forms of education and news about roofs, siding and windows as well as other articles that could be of importance or interest to the consumer.

One very important subject to most of our customers is Insurance Claims. Specifically, they want to know and they need to know how the ‘insurance process’ functions as it relates to the customer, the contractor and the insurance company. We offer “Insurance Claims” information in this article to help customers know what to expect when their needs have occurred as the result of an insurance claim.

We additionally offer “Roofing Education” articles about a variety of subjects relating to the roofing industry. Read these as you can and know that they are being continually updated to provide our customers with the latest news regarding this industry.

We also offer a link to websites that support the various recognitions, warranties and guarantees that we offer. They will all take you to the particular website supporting the icon that is being shown.

We certainly hope you find this section both interesting and informative – best wishes for your further enjoyment and enlightenment from Schulte Roofing!

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