Roof Inspections

Get a full assessment on your roof’s condition

17 Point Inspection

This is a quick overview of the roof inspection looking at 17 key areas. This inspection is usually done within 30 minutes and a copy of the inspection is left for your review.

Detailed Inspection

This is an evaluation of your roof type and age and identifies any leaks, rotted decking, missing shingles/damaged panels, and algae growth. During inspection, the chimney flashing & wall abutment condition will be checked as well as the condition of the jacks & vents, the type of ventilation, whether or not there is proper fastening of roof, the condition of gutters, signs of moisture at soffits, and signs of water in the attic. An inspection includes detailed photos, comments, and recommendations for repairs or replacement.

Commercial Roof Inspection

Our qualified roof inspectors walk the entire roof area identifying and photographing all observed deficiencies and documenting what they find on a roof plan. The roofing expertise of our inspectors allows them to find not only the obvious roof deficiencies, but also the no-so-obvious, which could eventually cause significant problems and possibly premature failure.

A report is then generated, with photos, which documents the information gathered and recommends corrective actions. The report also provides estimated budgets for all of the recommended roof repairs.

Inspection Fees

17 Point Inspection

  • $139 or REDUCED TO $119 prepaid with credit card.

Detailed Inspection

  • $259 or REDUCED TO $239 prepaid with credit card.

Commercial Roof Inspection

  • $359 or REDUCED TO $339 prepaid with credit card.

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Proper roof repair can bring a roof up to manufacturer specification, building code, and insurance standards. Additionally, repair is a cost-effective alternative to replacement, greatly extending the service life of your roof. Speak with a roofing specialist to analyze your roof’s repair needs.

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