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In addition to an annual inspection, Roof Shield Maintenance club members receive roof repairs at a reduced rate, gutter cleanings, removal of roof debris, skylight cleaning, and priority emergency service.

The Elements

Any roof is subject to the elements of nature, no matter its age. Storms in an area tend to make us look at our home’s roof for damage – but what about in between those storms?

Over the course of a year, a roof is constantly changing. Extreme temperatures, hot and cold, cause expansion and contraction of roofing materials and flashing, forming leaks. Additionally, strong wind can cause debris to fall on the roof surface, potentially damaging it.That debris, if left unattended, can cause discoloration, block water flow, and at worst, hold moisture and create rot.

The wind can also lift the roof covering, or if strong enough, blow it and other roofing components off. With enough wind and force you could experience “wind driven rain”. This allows water to infiltrate even a perfectly installed roof.

Other Trades

Another problem for roofs is other trades. With today’s demand for entertainment, satellite dishes and cell phone repeaters are installed directly through roofing materials causing unnecessary roof penetrations. The installers of these dishes are not roofers, and along with not using compatible sealants, they cause additional roof damage by dropping things or tearing or scratching the roof surface due to the need to “hold on”. Most roofers do not want to be responsible for their roofs after someone else has altered it.

Animals and Pests

As well as the forces of nature and people, animals too cause roof problems. One of the most common of these is squirrels chewing on lead jacks. These are the covers for the PVC pipes that extend through the roof. Once the jack is chewed on it allows for water to enter the building or home.

Water is really very sneaky. It only takes the tiniest of openings for water to seep through a roof to underlying material – and eventually wind up as a stain on an interior ceiling or worse – an actual stream of water into the house during the next rain storm!

Join the Roof Shield Maintenance Club – only $329 annually

Help protect your home and family from any type of water damage and also receive:

  • Annual 17 point Roof inspection
  • Annual Skylight Cleaning (2)
  • Annual roof debris removal
  • Annual gutter cleaning
  • Repainting of all Roof Jacks and Vents
  • Resealing and Fastening all Flashings
  • Fixing any “nail pops” on Shingle Roofs
  • No Service Fee – regularly $99.00
  • 10% Discount on Repairs
  • Guaranteed Appointments within 24 hours!
  • Priority Status after a Storm
  • Free Emergency Tarping!

Free Emergency Tarping Details: no upfront costs to owner. Billable to insurance company.

You select the plan and payment option that best fits your needs. Annual investment is only $329. Discounts available for multi-year commitment.

*Applies to single family residential homes only.
*$329 charge only applies to Brazos, Washington, Grimes, Austin, and Waller counties.
*Discounts for multi year purchases.

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Existing Roofs Included

Even existing roofs can join the Roof Shield Maintenance Program. Want to see if your roof is eligible for the annual maintenance program? Speak with a roofing specialist today.

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