Slate & Tile Roofs

Tile roofs are available in a variety of hard materials such as glass, metal, ceramic, stone, or baked clay. The diversity of material types allow tile roofs to be designed for specific goals: fire protection, energy conservation, eco-friendliness, and most importantly, design flexibility.

Few roofing products are as aesthetically appealing and long lasting as tile roofs. The many available styles and colors complement any architectural style and are great for both commercial and residential applications. A tile roof gives your building instant curb appeal, something very few products can claim.

1 Piece

Tiles comprised of one main piece, combining the traditional two piece design into one tile.

Claymax - Newport by Boral

The Newport Blend (pictured) boasts a light-weight double-barrel appearance; perfect for roofing projects requiring visual heaviness, durability, and cost restrictions.

Schulte Roofing College Station Roofing - Rustic Carmel Tiles

The Rustic Carmel (pictured) combines the features of a 2 tile system into 1 tile, reducing the number of tiles needed for each roof.

Schulte Roofing in College Station - Claylite

The Viejo Blend (pictured) is designed specifically for reroof projects. With a weight of 600 lbs./square, most home won’t need any structural improvements to install.

2 Pieces

Tiles comprised of 2 pieces joined together.

Schulte Roofing in College Station - Claylite Romano Pans

The El Camino Blend (pictured) and other colors have a classical European style that can be used with other standard 2 piece tiles.

Schulte Roofing - College Station Roofing - Monarch Carmel Tiles

The Carmel Blend (pictured) modernized tiles have kiln-baked, rustic appearance.

Schulte Roofing a College Station Roofer offers 2-piece Mission Slate Tiles

This Newport Blend (pictured) has been a favorite of younger homeowners because of the traditional design, color options, and lifetime durability.

Schulte Roofing a College Station Roofer offers Stone Crest Slate Sequoia Red by Tamko Metalworks

StoneCrest Slate Shingles are Energy Star® rated for qualified colors, reducing your cooling costs. Rated by the Cool Roof Rating Council.

Schulte Roofing a College Station Roofer offers Stone Crest Slate Quaker Green by Tamko Metalworks

The look of slate and the durability of metal. Class A fire rating, Wind Resistance, and Class IV Impact rating.

Schulte Roofing a College Station Roofer offers Stone Crest Slate Vermont Blue by Tamko Metalworks

Slate roofing ensures peace of mind with a 50 Year limited warranty, direct from the manufacturer.

Slate roofs are beautiful, heavy, and completely customized for each and every roofing project. Many homeowners opt for composite slate roofs which simulate the texture and contours of natural slate roofs.

Schulte Roofing a College Station Roofer offers - Saxony Country Slate

Designed for the French and Tudor architectural styles with a Class A fire rating and a non-prorated transferable warranty.

Schulte Roofing a College Station Roofer offers - Terra Cotta Barcelona Cap Tiles

The Barcelona Cap Tiles have mortar boosted appearance for an old Spanish tile appearance.

Schulte Roofing a College Station Roofer offers - Gold Dust Villa Concrete Tiles by Boral

Allows homeowners to capture Mediterranean appearance with unique color blends, Class A fire protection, and a fully transferable warranty; non-prorated.

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Slate vs Tile

Both slate and tile roofing offer similar functionality with different styles. Each slate and tile roof is custom built to your building’s specifications. Speak with a roofing specialist to see if slate, tile, or even composite slate options would be best for your roofing project.

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