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How the BulletProof Roof Guarantee® Started

In 1994, when the company began, their goal and slogan were synonymous, “committed to excellence,” and for 17 years they kept that commitment! But in 2008, Schulte Roofing wanted a better way to express that commitment to excellence and carry out their mission statement:

To provide roofing installations that exceed manufacturer specifications and to provide competitive pricing for our customers while not sacrificing quality to insure our slogan “committed to excellence”. To maintain profitability to underwirte our company’s growth and stability in our markeplace for today and in the future for both the customer and our employees.

That better way to express the commitment to excellence and carry out the company’s mission statement was the bulletproof roof guarantee or better known as “The Home of the Bulletproof Roof Guarantee!®” No, it doesn’t mean you can shoot it with a gun! The concept began with the fact that various products and services offer warranties and guarantees and when you go to use those warranties and guarantees, you find out they’re “full of holes”, they don’t cover and protect you the way they should. Schulte Roofing wanted to create a roof installation, along with its warranties and guarantees that wouldn’t be “full of holes”, in other words….Bulletproof!

This new slogan fit right in line with the company’s mission statement. A roof that exceeded manufacturer specifications, provided competitive pricing, insured a commitment to excellence, and through these things allowed the company growth and stability for both the employees and customers. From a customer perspective this is ideal. Every customer wants to do business with those who strive to be the best, perform at their best, and will be around for years to come in the event they should ever need them again or to claim a warranty issue.

About David Schulte

David Schulte is the President of Schulte Roofing. Schulte Roofing has been providing Bryan, College Station, Houston, TX and surrounding areas for the last 20 years. Follow me on Google+