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5 Signs You’re Getting a Good Deal From a College Station Roofer

You’ve got family functions, obligations at work, homework and classes, bills to pay, and a million other things on your mind. Now, if you are like many Americans, many of these things take priority over trying to get your roof fixed. Plus, in the midst of the hustle and bustle of your daily life, you really don’t want to have to deal with another sneaky salesperson trying to get you to buy something that really isn’t going to make your life better. That’s why David Schulte and his company strive to give you optimal service every time, all while educating you on what you need to know to choose the right roofing you need. No sneakiness and no hidden costs. Schulte gives it to you straight.

So we’re saving you time by compiling the top five signs that you are getting a good deal from a College Station roofer.

1.  They have a physical location

It’s easy for anyone off the street to come to your home or business, out of the back of their truck, or and say they are expert roofers but do they have a physical location for their business? Schulte Roofing is located at 10842 Hwy. 6 Bypass South, Navasota, TX 77868. You can stop by or leave a message at 1-800-FOR-ROOF.

2. They can show you examples of their work and display products.

If the company can’t show you its work, how do you know what you’re getting? Schulte has pictures and products at their physical location and at the website and Facebook page.  Several educational roofing videos are also found on youtube as well. Not to mention, their work can be seen all over College Station and the surrounding areas.

3.  They provide service consistently in your area.

If the college station roofer isn’t willing to work with you on making a trip to build or repair your roof on a normal basis, then they might just be trying to get more money out of you, especially during heavy storms. On the other hand, Schulte has done work and regularly services all over the Brazos Valley region and can reach College Station, Bryan, Austin, Conroe, Hempstead, Houston, and many other surrounding areas.

4.  They are willing to work with you to give you options within your budget.

Not all roofs are the same and neither are the budgets. An expert college station roofer will always work within your budget and give you a wide set of options to help you make the best decision possible.  Schulte Roofing believes that giving customers all of the options available to them at the start of the entire process, allows the customer to make a comfortable, informed decision.

5.  They offer a warranty.

Some companies might say they have a guarantee in place. But no College Station roofer does it better than Schulte’s “Bullet Proof Roof Guarantee”.  The Bullet Proof Roof Guarantee covers the already existing manufacturer’s warranty, but also any workmanship as well.

Now that we’ve gone through the top five signs you’re getting a good deal from a College Station Roofer, it’s easy to see why Schulte Roofing is still the #1 College Station roofer. Call Schulte Roofing today and get the roof you want with quality service!