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Know What to Do if Your Roofer Does a Poor Job!

While most people know how important it is to hire a reputable roofer, there are times when no matterRoofer_Houston how carefully a selection is made, the contractor hired does not live up to expectations. This sometimes occurs when the basis for hiring was from recommendations of friends or family, which is normally one of the recommended ways to locate a reputable roofer. So results less than expected can be very shocking under such circumstances. Any time the finished product is not what was stated in the contract, it is important to take action quickly.

Below are some prudent steps to take if a roofer does not do an acceptable job well as some helpful hints on how to discern a bad company from a good one when searching process begins.

Necessary Steps

Once a roofing project has been completed and problems are discovered, there are some steps that can be taken to get repairs done as quickly as possible.

Problem – Take note of the problem and be very detailed. It is also a good idea to take pictures of the part of the house where the problem exists. It is important to have documentation so that when a company representative arrives, the exact location of the difficulty has been pinpointed so that troubleshooting can begin.

  • Contract – Review the contract. If any warranties are still applicable, it is a good idea to be aware of them and what is covered before discussing the problem. Most contractors are hard-working individuals and an honest mistake could have happened.
  • Contractor – Call the contractor immediately and let them know about the problem. Most reputable roofing companies will send someone out within twelve to forty-eight hours to assess the problem. Be sure to discuss any applicable warranties or terms of the contract that would apply to the issue. It is also appropriate to advise that prompt attention from the company to make any necessary repairs quickly is anticipated.
  • BBB – If a contractor does not show up to address the problem immediately, consult the Better Business Bureau. Visiting their website or making a phone call will provide helpful information on what to do to get the attention of the builder.
  • Attorney – If necessary, contact a lawyer for assistance. Sometimes all it takes is one letter written from an attorney referencing the legal obligation to fulfill the terms of the contract to cause a reluctant contractor to respond and fix the problem.

Warning Signs

Before hiring any roofing company even one with excellent references, it is still imperative to know the signs that indicate contractors that should be avoided.

  • No Response – Make a list of the builders that have been recommended and call them, keeping careful notes about the date and time a call was made. This is especially important for businesses who rely upon voice-mail rather than an actual person to answer the phone. Leave a message requesting a response within the next twelve to forty-eight hours. If this does not happen, it could be a warning sign of disorganization or lack of attention to detail.
  • Work Delay – If a deposit for the work has been made and a date set for construction to begin, any delay beyond that point should have been previously given. If the contractor does not show up on that date and has not called to advise of a delay, that roofing company should be contacted immediately. A message should be left stating that work was anticipated on that date and it is expected that the project will begin no later than the next day. Anything less than that would be a breach of the contract and any deposited money should be immediately returned.

Remember that most roofing companies are honest and trying to do the best job possible for their customers. For those few companies that do not perform as expected, the above information will have hopefully afforded some information to help rectify the situation as well as how to avoid hiring a firm that initially displays any such signs.

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