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Roof Warranty FAQs

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With increasing home values across the Houston area, it’s no secret that your roof is one of the biggest investments.  Not all roofing warranties are created equal and many need to be compared closely to make sure you are getting the full coverage you expect.  Even though your roof in Houston may be designed to last 30 or more years, full knowledge of your roof warranty can save you thousands of dollars in the event that something does awry.

What are the chances that something will go wrong?

Most professional Houston roofing contractors install roofing systems that last a lifetime.  Pending natural disasters, as long as your roof is installed exactly to manufacturer specification, then it will last the length of time it is rated.

Roofing materials and systems are tested for their installed conditions.  After testing they are rated accordingly and are used in different areas of the country.  Many building codes in coastal areas require the use of hurricane clips in roof construction whereas further inland from Houston may not require the extra attachment strength.

What if there are problems during or with the installation process?

According to most roofing material manufacturers, roofing installation is the major contributor in roof problems.  In fact, according to GAF, a leading manufacturer, their studies showed that over two thirds of roofing problems are related to contractor workmanship and not the roofing materials.

If there are issues witht he installation then you will have the contact the provider that installed your roof for the proper coverage and support.

What kind of roofing warranties are there?

There are two basic roofing warranties; a warranty the covers materials from the manufacturer against manufacturer defects and one that covers workmanship errors.  Material manufacturers only provide warranty coverage if the roofing system is installed exactly to specification. If any modification is made then the roofing system is not covered.

The workmanship warranty is provided by your roofing contractor.  Manufacturers can only cover the materials.  When selecting contractors for your roof in Houston, be sure to select a roofer that can provide and back up a workmanship warranty.   Professional roofing contractors will adhere to proper installation guidelines that will help prevent issues in the first place.

Another point to consider is that workmanship warranties are only as good as long as the roofing contractor remains in business.  Selecting a roofer that has a history long enough to establish warranty coverage will help guide your decision making process.

What if I have to file a claim?

The process to filing your claim can vary between Houston roofing contractors.  It is important to keep all of your original documentation in case you need to file a claim.  Review your documentation and make sure that your roof is covered by the appropriate warranty.  You should also determine how you should file your claim.  If you used a professional roofing contractor then you should contact them with your documentation in hand and discuss the claim.

If you performed the work yourself or used a roofing contractor that is no longer in business, then you would have to contact the roofing material manufacturer directly.  They will have their own claim approval process where you will have to document that the cause was manufacturer defect and not workmanship error.

Schulte Roofing is “Home of the Bulletproof Roof® Guarantee” which is a guarantee and warranty program that not only covers both manufacturer and installation defects and errors, but also provides 100% satisfaction or it’s free.  For more information about roofing warranties or how to navigate the claim process, contact Schulte Roofing today.