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Attic Ventilation Should Be No Mystery!

Attic ventilation is a very vital feature of the construction of any residential building. It helps maintain aBrenham_Roof_Repair level temperature and proper humidity within a house. There are many misconceptions associated with this particular component that are not supported by facts. Admittedly, this is not the most compelling topic; however, adequate attic ventilation can extend the life of a roofing system which is why most contractors recommend that the proper kind and amount of ventilation be installed.

Common Misconceptions

To better understand this essential component, following are a few of the misconceptions that should be re-considered.

  • More is Better – It is not always correct to say that more is better; it is more accurate to say that a ventilation system requires the correct ratio or proportion of inlet and outlet vents. Excessive or poor air circulation has a negative effect on the entire building structure as well as occupant comfort. Poor air circulation or excessive air movement in the attic can cause a waste of electricity in the summer while threatening the health of the family with mold growth due to moisture accumulation in the winter.
  • Warmer Climate Necessity – The most popular misconception is that ventilation is only a concern with warmer weather conditions. The fact is that adequate movement of air is essential in all climates to maintain efficiency and works best with proper roofing material, thermal barriers, and insulation. In the winter, it helps remove or evacuate damp air that could melt snow from the roof which can later refreeze in the eaves, forming ice dams. Adequate attic air circulation keeps the building comfortable in the summer and helps to avoid the escape of hot air from the living space during the winter.
  • Mix Various Types – Combining two different types of ventilation systems is not an acceptable option because it can create an undesirable effect of an alarming draft pattern that interferes with the attic airflow. Combining different exhaust systems can cause “wind-washing”‘ in which the air comes in and goes out of the same outlet, when it should be coming in through the soffit inlet and out through the ridge outlet.
  • Placement Errors – Attic ventilation installation is not something to be done alone. Its installation requires accurate computation of the right air replacement ratio to balance both the soffit inlet and ridge outlet. Any mistake in this placement could lead to premature roof failure. Calling a contractor with many years of experience in this attic ventilation is advisable; they can assist, recommend, and install a standardized system in compliance with local building codes.

Indeed, there are many false beliefs about ventilation systems, all of which seem baseless and unreasonable. What is much more important is how it functions in controlling the movement of air in the attic to achieve an efficient and comfortable home. The best method for finding the correct balance is to conduct some simple research or talk to an expert who understands these components. This will avoid future problems and ensure that attic ventilation is a mystery no more!

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