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The Best Reasons for Attic Insulation!

As the cold season approaches, it is important to make sure that every aspect of a house is well insulated, particularly the attic. The roof that covers the attic collects snow and could significantly drop the temperature of the attic leading to numerous problems for the residents in the lower rooms. A roofing company can help make sure that any attic is ready to tackle the cold season.

Reasons for Attic Insulation

An attic is an often-forgot-about space in most homes; that does not mean it is any less vulnerable to the elements. Following are some reasons to protect a house with attic insulation.

  • Prevent Damage in the Attic – The attic is used most often for storage space; sometimes it is finished and used additional living space. Allowing cold to penetrate through the roof could cause stored items within the attic to deteriorate and make an extra living space uninhabitable.
  • Prevent Moisture Buildup – Steam is usually generated from inside living areas from cooking or shower usage. An un-insulated attic could trap the vapors inside and cause them to condense on the cold walls. This condensation could then cause damage to the walls or cause mildew to form.
  • Preserve Heat Within Living Spaces – During the cold season, it is important to conserve heat. As much as possible, doors and windows should be closed at all times to prevent warm air from escaping and cold air from entering. Having an un-insulated attic is similar to having windows open for the entire winter. Without insulation, cold temperatures can easily penetrate through the roofing material and into the living space.
  • Reduce Heating Needs – To compensate for the cold weather, homeowners normally raise the heater’s temperature thus increasing energy consumption in the process. By installing insulation in the attic, cold air will no longer penetrate into the living areas, thus reducing the need for as much indoor heating.

Installation Process

Installing insulation in the attic can be done by roofing contractors; it can also be performed easily by a homeowner by gaining a little knowledge on home construction.

1. Find Right Insulation – Insulation comes in recycled or blanket types. The main difference between the two is that the recycled variety is easier to handle because it doesn’t cause skin irritation or itching. The latter is frequently made of fiberglass and requires protective clothing.

2. Clean the area – Sweep the attic that will be insulated of debris and dust. Determine if a vapor barrier is needed by checking if the dry wall surface is silver-backed. If it isn’t, it is advisable to install a vapor barrier prior to putting in the insulation.

3. Trim barriers – Cut down the size of the barrier to fit the joist and secure it with a staple on the side of the joist. Lay down the insulation between the joists making sure not to compress it. Make sure there are no gaps between the insulation. Run another layer across the first one to ensure maximum insulation.

4. Accommodate any wiring – Cut a hole large enough for the size of the electrical wiring and pipes that are there. Do not tuck the wires along with the insulation as it could cause the wiring to overheat.

Ensuring that a house is winter-proof is important and should be done before the cold season arrives as it is more difficult to have this work done once the extreme cold has hit. The best reason to ensure having proper insulation is that it can significantly reduce the energy requirement to heat the living space and thus reduce energy bills during the entire cold weather season!

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