Cool Metal Roofing: Cool Roofs for Hot Climates!

Global warming may be one of the most complicated issues of all times yet is possibly becoming obsolete. A simple translation of this term is that it is a phenomenon that has caused an increase in the average acmegrainsiloglobal temperature due to human activities. Environmental campaigns against global warming are intensifying to combat the projected effect that it has on the planet Earth. Every household roof Houston owner can address this concern by using a cool roofing concept, which is perhaps one of the smartest ways to decrease the effects of global warming and to achieve an energy efficient home.

Environmental Organizations

Due to climate changes and the impact of the increasing temperature of our planet, various environmental organizations, including the building industry, have been attempting to put in a meaningful effort to resolve this ongoing concern. The National Institute of Building Sciences (NIBS), in coordination with the cool metal roofing coalition, has been encouraging every household to choose cool metal roofing for any types of buildings due to the enhanced energy efficiency created by reflecting solar radiation.

Metal Roofing

From everyone else’s perspective, metal roofing is just one of the many types of roofing that can be found on the market; however, metal roofs are being considered in roof Houston homes not just because they are environmentally friendly to a roof but because of their energy saving elements: cost-efficiency and prolonged service life.

Metal Roofing – Saving Energy Costs

On February 4, 2011, during the Penn State Address of President Obama, he called for the steel industry to help building owners achieve energy efficient commercial buildings across the United States. In response to President Obama’s call, Lawrence W. Kavanagh, President of Steel Market Development Institute said that cool metal roofing can help save energy costs up to 40 percent because it can help reduce heat gain through the roof. He further added that metal roofs are excellent choices for commercial applications.

Metal Roofing – Cooling Abilities

Experts have stated that cool roofs have high thermal radial emittance and ‘albedo’ which is the power of the earth’s surface to reflect sunlight. These are the two most important surface properties that can make a metal roof cool.

Different governing bodies in the United States have varying requirements when it comes to a green building rating. When installing a green roof in California, in order to decrease the temperature of the building by 60 degrees during the summer, upon installation the roof must have a 65 percent reflectivity and at least an 80 percent emissivity. On the other hand, in the City of Chicago, Illinois, there is a fixed standard of 25 percent reflectance rating and no minimum emissivity requirements.

Cool metal roofing is highly effective and is not a burden anymore to those living in hot climates. One can really tell the difference to a roof Houston Texas of having this type of roof installed by taking one look at their electric bills!