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Examine Your Roof Insulation and Learn How to Save Money!

Houston_RooferWith currently increasing energy costs, the search is on for any type of home improvement that can save on those expenses. Proper insulation can slash heating and cooling costs by as much as 30 to 50 percent, offsetting any installation costs. Not only is this a money-saving option; it is also a shield of protection from unwanted damage caused by moisture accumulation for an entire house; such moisture could lead to costly repairs in the future which can be fully avoided by a thorough examination. This is best done by a professional roofer to obtain great results and an outstanding energy-saving outcome.

Enough May Not Be Enough

Insulating an attic is a good strategy to save heating and cooling expenses. A thorough inspection should be conducted in the attic to visually determine if a house is potentially creating an energy problem due to insufficient insulation which allows the treated air to escape, losing approximately 40 percent of both heating and cooling to the outside.

To stop such unwanted waste, the attic is usually the single largest area that has such a major effect on energy efficiency. In addition, to obtain maximum energy efforts, R-60 value rated protection should be used on the attic floor. Although it is possible to DIY to determine the amount of protection needed, the best thing to do is have it analyzed by a professional roofer.

With soaring utility costs, insulation has become increasingly essential to building owners. Whether the desire is to eradicate the cold or keep it in, meeting and maximizing the necessary R-value can yield great energy efficiency and allow the roof to become a money-saving structure.

Proper Fit

Indeed, attic insulation is one of the fundamental requirements in controlling unnecessary energy consumption. The majority of older homes have inadequate levels; currently-built homes have more appropriate levels. Any structure that is more than 10 years old should have its insulation checked to ensure that the attic is properly fitted and air-tight with no gaps. Air leaks and gaps can cause a heating and cooling system to double its electricity needs to maintain the desired room temperature and actually be using energy unnecessarily.

The best way to solve this issue is to examine important areas to determine if the roof is well-insulated and the wood beams or joists are thoroughly covered. Although layers of insulation are commonly used in the attic, the recommended and most effective method is spray-in foam insulation that can be blown into the attic areas and then seal any air gaps to avoid further damage to a structure.

Roof insulation is truly an essential component in every building. Irregardless of which heating/cooling system is installed or how well insulated the floors and walls may be. Insulating attics is imperative to avoid heating or cooling loss and save significant money in utility bills and unnecessary roofing repairs. It is not very hard to examine an attic area to determine if the existing insulation is: well-fitted; without any gaps causing air-leakage; within acceptable standards; and has the recommended R-value. All of this can turn a roofing system from being a money loser to being a money saver. As always, hiring a professional roofer may be the most successful way to maintain an air-tight and energy efficient home – and save money on energy bills!

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