Energy Efficiency

For Reduced Energy Costs, Try a Reflective Roof Coating!

Roof_Houston_TXHomeowners should try reducing energy costs by using a reflective ‘cool’ roof coating. A reflective coating is a type of paint that can be applied over a Conroe roof so the sunlight is reflected instead of being absorbed. The cool roof coating also helps prolong the life of the roof by acting as a protective coating for the roofing material.

How it works:

A cool roof coating can eliminate heat absorption in two ways:

  • Reflects Sunlight – Cool roof coating can reflect the sunlight away as it hits the roof. With standard paint applied to the roof, as the sunlight hits the roof, heat is immediately absorbed. With a reflective roof coating, light is reflected back into the atmosphere, thus reducing heat absorption.
  • Thermal Emittance – Another property that makes reflective coating unique is thermal emittance. The cool roof coating is composed of a substance that can radiate the absorbed heat back into the atmosphere. These two unique characteristics, thermal emittance and solar reflectance, can significantly reduce home energy consumption, particularly during the summer months.

Applying a cool roof coating can significantly reduce the temperature in living areas since less heat is absorbed through the roof. If a homeowner heavily depends on air conditioning to regulate the temperature in the living area, then using a cool roof coating can significantly reduce energy costs since less energy would be used to regulate indoor temperatures. If the cool roof coating is used along with several other energy-efficient features, such as energy-efficient glass and appliances, then a household’s energy consumption can be significantly reduced.

Choosing Color

Keeping a home energy-efficient while staying creative with the roof color is possible. Cool roof coating is available in a number of colors such as white; a variety of darker colors; and high reflection coatings. Keep in mind that cool roof coating is available in various colors; however, it is most effective in white and can reflect 50 to 90 percent of the sunlight and heat from a roof. If a homeowner chooses the aesthetic benefits over the paint’s efficiency, a roof can still gain 15 to 50 percent of the paint’s thermal property.

Amount of Savings:

The amount of savings one can obtain by using a cool roof coating varies depending on several factors such as the roof’s area, local climate, amount of air conditioning used, and how often the air conditioning is used, as well as the amount of energy-saving gadgets that are already in place. If a home is located in a tropical location where it is sunny most of the time, then applying a cool roof coating will significantly improve a home’s indoor temperature. If the homeowner is using air conditioning constantly, the amount of savings they may gain can range from 30 percent to as high as 70 percent. Keep in mind that aside from the energy savings benefits of a cool roof coating, if the new roof reflects enough light and heat (65 percent on flat roofs and 25 percent for sloped roofs), the roof could qualify as an Energy Star rated roof and the homeowner could gain tax breaks.

Using a cool roof coating on a Conroe roof could be a wise investment for a homeowner by reducing energy costs and prolonging the life of the roof. The best choice in colors for this coating is white. If a homeowner is looking for a more distinctive color for their roof, any of the colors in which this coating is available will still result in some savings for the homeowner!