Energy Efficiency

Skylights Can Lower Your Energy Costs!

More and more ways are being presented to lower energy consumption in The Woodlands. The high costs of energy as well as increased environmental awareness are two main reasons why there is a drive to lower energy consumption. According to professionals, energy consumption can be reduced through the use of skylights.


Skylights are desired for ore than just their aesthetic value. This transparent overhead glass, sometimes referred to as an aperture, has more to offer than meets the eye. One of the benefits of having an aperture is the reduction in energy consumption. During the day, this opening allows natural light from the sun to enter the living space. This method of lighting is being used in homes and even some businesses, as it reduces the artificial light requirements in the living area and can potentially cut electricity consumption by as much as eighty percent.

Design Variations

Skylights come in many different designs. The following are some of the common variations and unique features.

  • Roof Lantern – The roof lantern design is basically a roof above a larger roof. The smaller roof is usually made of glass to allow sunlight to enter into the living area. Such designs were very popular during the Victorian era; almost every urban house in the 19th and 20th centuries had a roof lantern.
  • Oculus – The oculus is another popular type of an aperture that helps distinguish classical architecture. The word oculus is the Latin term for eye and it never falls short in describing the design. It is distinguished by a circular or oval opening, similar to that on top of the dome of the Pantheon in Rome.
  • Light Tube – This type of design is a modern variation of the skylight. Light is transmitted through a tube that is either lined with reflective coating or light transmitting fiber optics. The top end of the tube is usually covered with dome-shaped glass, designed to capture as much light as possible, while the other end has what is known as a diffuser, designed to evenly and gently shine the light indoors.

Important Considerations

A skylight is an effective means of using natural light and lowering dependency on artificial light. One major drawback is the installation of one of these natural lights.

Modern skylights are covered with glass to protect the interior from the elements; however, glass is a good natural thermal conductor, which means it cannot protect the living area from hot or cold outdoor temperatures. This can increase heating requirements during the winter or cooling requirements in the summer. Thankfully, there is now thermal insulated glass capable of resisting thermal conduction. When installing a skylight for efficiency purposes, it is important to use this type of glass so as to not defeat the purpose of installation in the first place.

Having a skylight is an effective way of reducing energy consumption. By using the natural light from the sun, dependency on artificial light can effectively be reduced and energy costs lowered!