Energy Efficiency

Solar-Powered Cooling Systems

In Bryan, Texas and the surrounding areas, homeowners are accustomed to ventilation systems on their roofs. The hot Texas heat makes attic fans and vents extremely common on shingle roofs, but these fans must use power in order to rotate the blades quickly enough to push the warm air out of the house. To reduce electricity usage, more and more people are starting to use solar powered attic fans by Attic Breeze to cool their homes. Not only are they better for the environment and your monthly utility bill, but they’re also great at cooling your home.

How does it work?

Solar power functions by absorbing the sun’s rays and converting the ray’s energy into functional electricity. Photovoltaic panels are placed in just the right position for maximum sun exposure and it’s these panels that collect the sun’s photons. When the photon strikes the panel, a chemical reaction causes electrons to transmit through the system, creating the electricity that powers the solar-powered ventilation.

In Bryan, Texas and the Brazos Valley, Roofers have seen added benefits from these solar powered fans—they actually improve the cooling efforts of the HVAC systems. Whereas electrical cooling systems contribute to the energy build-up by creating heat as the machine runs, solar-panel powered vents do not contribute to the home’s heat because the energy source is outside the house. The system’s more efficient since it’s not removing additional heat caused by the system itself.

What makes up the Attic Breeze system?

  • 5 bladed aluminum fan
  • Stainless steel brackets and attachments that make up the aluminum structure
  • Solar Panel composed of strengthened and enhanced glass
  • 10 year warranty

Why is Solar Ventilation Better?

Without a system in place to remove hot air from the home, your Air Conditioner will be overworked. An overworked A/C can have negative effects on air quality, temperature, humidity and the lifespan of materials that make up your home. In the Brazos Valley, it’s common for homeowners to have a couple rooms that are warmer than other rooms in the summer. Sometimes, this is caused by bad insulation, but more often than not, the temperature inconsistencies are due to bad ventilation. A solar paneled system would correct this by improving air circulation in the home, even if one side of the house receives most of the sun’s direct light.

Better yet, the solar ventilation system also maintains the humidity which can prevent mold and mildew from growing in your home. The system functions like your car’s defrosting system, where even when the heat is on, the A/C compressor is still working to “dry” the air and remove excess humidity. This means that even in the winter, the system would be working and improving the quality of your home.

These systems last!

From experience, Bryan Roofers have seen that these solar-powered ventilation systems last for a long time. They’re durable and specifically crafted to deal with extreme weather including winds, tornadoes and hurricanes. The system comes with a 10 year warranty, but they’re designed to handle the toughest elements thrown at them. What does this mean for you? Less of a chance of needing a roofing contractor to come out to make a repair.

Only authentic systems are certified and specifically tested for the Brazos Valley and they meet all municipal building code requirements. Depending on the project and the installation, they may even be eligible for tax incentives.

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