Fall is the Perfect College Station Roofing Season

Fall is one of the best seasons to have a roof installed, so don’t let the season slip away. The blazing summer heat can wear down the shingles on your roof, especially if your college station roof has had years of wear and tear. Hopefully your roof didn’t suffer any damage from hurricane wind, rain, flying debris, or falling branches but if it did you’ll want to use this time to call a professional roofing company. Maybe you’re just trying to get ready for winter ice storms, but no matter what services you need, it’s a good idea to use this time of the season to get all of your roofing services completed. Let’s take a look at three good reasons why it’s a good idea to have a roof installed or repaired during this fall season of 2012.

  1. Fall has the perfect weather

    Not too cold, not too hot. You don’t want to be dealing with Texas summer heat indexes of a hundred degrees or more. Even if you’re not going to be the one installing the roof, why put anyone through excruciating heat! Winter is not the best season to have your roof installed because of the potentially icy weather. This brings us to our next point: roof damage prevention.

  2. Be proactive

    Don’t wait until a gaping hole is in your roof from icy tree limbs. The worst thing you can do as a homeowner is to wait until the middle of hurricane season to decide that your college station roof needs to get fixed. Be sure to take preventative measures to ensure that you’re getting the roofing services that you need and never land yourself with a roof full of holes. Regular maintenance and a quality roof inspection are your first steps in preventing roof damage during the summer or winter months.

  3. Take advantage of fall specials

    Most retailers and other manufacturers may be trying to unload some unsold items or material from the summer months. This is a great opportunity to get premium products at lower prices as stores try to stock up with their winter merchandise. The only way to find out is to talk to a representative or the owner of the business, and ask what specials they’ve got going on right now. Some manufacturers or businesses may offer warranties with extended life or other additional perks such as Schulte Roofing’s “Bullet Proof Roof Guarantee”, which offers work on both material and workmanship.

Winter is nearing, so don’t get caught with a damaged roof from icy tree limbs, rotting shingles, or leaks. Now is the time to fix those leaks in your roof you got over the summer from excessive rain or hurricane wind damage. Take advantage of the beautiful fall weather, take preventative measures early, and enjoy fall specials when repairing or installing your roof. This fall, be sure to call Schulte Roofing and have your roof inspected by a professional and certified College Station roofer.