Inspection Strategies for Roofs!

Gutters CloseupThe necessity of regular maintenance is an obvious part of home ownership. There are certain elements of a building that need attention over the years in order to keep it in its best condition. Although it generally lasts for a long time, the roof is one item on a home maintenance list that should never be ignored. Keeping a roof in good condition is essential, as it protects the entire building structure; the only way to ensure that is in tip-top shape is through regular inspections done by a qualified roofer.

Hidden Damage

There seems to be a common idea that if no damage can be seen, there are no problems; however, this could not be further from the truth, since most damage to a roof is generally beneath the surface and not easily noticed. This is why it is critical to employ an experienced contractor who knows the proper procedure for looking in even the most hidden areas where problems could be lurking.


In order to correctly and thoroughly inspect a roof, a contractor should first have a basic history including age, material, and any warranty or other specifics which can provide an idea of what to expect regarding condition. The surface and structure needs to be examined section by section and compared to what is typical for the age and type of material used. Weatherproofing should be checked, along with any adhesives, to ensure of proper functioning as well as the layers of shingles themselves. Blistering, fish-mouths or alligatoring should be noted since this can indicate moisture or other voids under the layers.

Problem Areas

Areas that are particularly problematic are corners, edges, flashing, and anywhere else with joints, sections, or breaks in the main protective layers, such as vents, pipes, skylights, dormers, etc. All of these areas must be checked to be sure they are still watertight, well-sealed, and free from punctures or other kinds of damage. Gutters should also be inspected and cleaned out, as any clogging will increase the possibility of water backing up and affecting the structure. Interior water stains could indicate that there is a problem with any part of the drainage system.

Condition Analysis

Once the roof and all its components have been inspected and evaluated, a contractor will compile the data to come up with a general consensus of the roof’s condition and possible need to repair or replace the structure. It is at this point that having an experienced contractor who is familiar with roofing repairs will be very important so that it can be determined if it is something that can be easily repaired or might need more attention.

When the inspection is complete, the results may indicate repair or possible replacement. Either way, whatever must be done can be helped to last a longer time with more frequent inspections.  This can avoid similar problems from becoming too big to repair in the future – an inspection strategy will definitely benefit any roof!

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