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How to Correct Interior Moisture Level Build-Up!

Interior moisture levels are a main indicator as to the condition of a residence. Lips chap quickly and skinMontgomery_Roof_Company dries out as does the wood within a house, becoming dry and cracked. There is also the concern that with so much moisture inside a building, it will become a propagation ground for mold. Listed below are some methods to check interior moisture levels as well as a few recommendations to keep that humidity level in check.

Determining Moisture Levels

There are some different ways to determine the moisture level within a structure; two of them are detailed below.

  • Window Condensation – One way to determine if moisture levels are high in a home is to examine the windows from inside the house. During the winter months, windows can become covered with condensation at times. The amount may differ depending upon the interior temperature of the building as well as the outside dew point. The greater the levels of moisture are in the air, the more likely it is that moisture will condense on the windows. This occurs when windows that are not good insulators become cold from the freezing temperatures outside; then warm, moist air on the inside of a house comes in contact with the cold surface of the window and condensation occurs on the panes of glass.
  • Attic Nails – Another method to check for high moisture levels involves a bit more effort. Take a ladder and into the attic or climb into the crawl space during the coldest months of the year. Then check the end of the nails that penetrate the roof sheathing. These nails conduct the colder temperature from the outside to the interior of the attic. Look for droplets of water that have formed on the nail points as well as any signs of rust having formed on the nails. Such findings would indicate high moisture level in the attic that should be addressed promptly.

Correcting Moisture Levels

For each problem, there is always some type of a solution to resolve the higher-than-average moisture levels within a building.

  • Attic Ventilation – Attic space is necessary to provide a good level of ventilation. The correct amount of ventilation can help preserve the attic temperature during summer months, preventing that temperature from becoming excessive. It can also allow moisture to exit from the attic to the outside which would help prevent the buildup of moisture causing mold as well as damage to the roof sheathing.
  • Shower Fan Duct Work – Moisture can also build up in the attic when shower fan openings are being channeled or terminated in the attic space. This significantly increases moisture levels in that area which can accelerate wood deterioration and mold growth in the attic space. The solution to this problem would be to be sure that bathroom ducting vents to the outside of the house and not to the interior, especially to the attic area.
  • Dehumidifier – The interior of a building can have decreased moisture levels by the purchase of a dehumidifier, either individual room-sized ones or whole-house dehumidifying systems. This is always appropriate in climates where the humidity levels are high irregardless of an outside temperature being hot or cold. Of course, where the climate is naturally very dry, high interior moisture levels would be indicative of a much greater problem inside and would most likely need the help of professionals to determine the causation.
  • Roof – In moist climates, excessive interior moisture can also be an indication of a roof that is allowing outside moisture to enter into the attic as well as into the entire house. Such a condition may require some roofing repair or even an entire roof replacement. Professional roofing companies are best-suited to investigate such a situation and help correct any problem that is found.

Moisture levels inside a home can be both beneficial and detrimental. Beneficially, it allows for moist skin and easier breathing as well as interior wood that does not crack and break. On the negative side, too much interior moisture can lead to the growth of mold, which is an extremely great health risk to all building occupants. Look for the signs of moisture build-up that are present – and then act accordingly to see that any problems are resolved!

Montgomery Roof Company Can Level Indoor Humidity!

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