Roofing Readiness Know-How for Hurricane Season!

The Woodlands Roofing - Hurricane Season - Schulte RoofingThose who live in Florida are no strangers to the Atlantic hurricane season, which officially runs from June 1 to November 30; however, this severe weather has been known to occur both before and after the “official” season, often destroying many properties in its path. Therefore, it is important to plan in advance and ensure any property is protected should a “big one” hit in an area with little or no notice. Following are some basic precautionary measures that can be taken to help ensure a roof is secure, along with some other important tips for when a storm hits.


  • Secure Roof – A roof is considered as the first line of defense when a hurricane hits; securing and protecting it before the season starts is very important. Ensure that there are no leaks as this could have an unfortunate domino effect on the property when a storm hits. Have the roof inspected by a professional to determine if there are any weak points. Examine certain areas to be sure that: sheathing is properly installed; shingles or tiles are repaired if damaged; flashing and fasteners are properly sealed; gutters are well attached; and all code requirements have been met.
  • Secure Doors/Windows – Plywood may be convenient to use to cover glass windows and doors but is not enough to prevent damage to the property. Consider investing in metal shutters to better protect the essential exterior parts of a home. High impact-resistant glass windows can be installed to withstand high velocity projectiles blown by strong winds.
  • Trim Branches – Cut overhanging branches, and trim nearby trees and other foliage to prevent major damage during the hurricane season. Any nearby debris should be cleared away as well.
  • Extra Supplies – A severe storm or hurricane typically causes power interruptions and floods which, in turn, cause road damage and disables vehicles, all of which prevents being able to get out to purchase groceries or other essential supplies. It is important to stock up on canned food, bottled water, batteries, first aid supplies, extra blankets and other supplies. Investing in a home generator would also be helpful.
  • Evacuation Plans – There are those rare occasions when an approaching hurricane is powerful enough for the city or state to intervene, which may include an evacuation order, which requires having an emergency evacuation plan. Such a plan should include where to stay and access to all necessary supplies.

Remember, knowing how to get ready for hurricane season will most likely involve getting a roof inspection by a professional contractor and repairing any potential problems. All of this will be critical to preparing a home and its roof as a first line of defense against the onslaught of the upcoming hurricane season!

Let Schulte Roofing Prepare Your Woodlands Home for Hurricane Season!

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