Insurance & Claims

Insurance Required Service Provider

One of the major responsibilities of being a homeowner is maintaining the structural integrity of your home’s roof. Whether this entails repairing a damaged area or replacing the entire roof, homeowners are typically required to contact their insurance provider before proceeding. Doing so makes it possible for an insurance agent to provide an estimate for the roofing project.

This is a standard procedure that most seasoned homeowners are already aware of. A lesser known aspect of the roofing insurance process is how to go about acquiring a roofing contractor. Although an insurance provider can provide a ballpark estimate they are unable to force you to use a specific roofer. The only way an insurance provider can legally inhibit a homeowner from hiring a roofer is if the contractor is not licensed to roof. Let’s take a look at the roofing insurance process.

After the Storm

When strong winds and hail blow through a neighborhood it is important to check the roof of a house. Visually inspecting for loose or missing shingles and flashing can provide homeowners with the warning they need to prevent further erosion of the roof. If the aforementioned issues or any other damage is noticed it may be time to contact a roofer and your insurance agent.

Depending on who is contacted first, the next step will vary. A professional roofing company typically knows what to expect when collaborating with an insurance agency. Utilizing this valuable information properly can save homeowners the headache of handling the roofing insurance process themselves.

Locating a roofer in your area that can provide a superb roofing experience, like Schulte Roofing, may be challenging. Due to this issue, homeowners may feel more comfortable contacting their insurance provider first. Following this route, an insurance agent will make a house call to confirm that the rooftop has been damaged. And that’s it.

Handling Insurance Providers

Once an insurance adjuster arrives on site to inspect a rooftop an estimate for the damage is created and a claim is made. Usually, homeowners do not need to be there for the inspection. If a homeowner has already contacted a roofer, however, the contractor will want to be on site during this time. Professional roofers, such as Schulte Roofing, can assist the insurance agent with making a proper estimation. Doing so typically prevents an estimate from being grossly under budget. This can happen when water seeps into the upper layers of a house. A seasoned roofer will know what to look for and where unlike the average insurance agent.

After the inspection, if an insurance adjuster believes that a roof has accrued damage, an estimate and a check will be created. The check amount will be for the estimate, minus a few deductions, such as the homeowner’s insurance deductible. Using this information, homeowners can start shopping for a roofing contractor if they have not done so already.

Locating a Roofing Contractor

At this point in the roofing process, everything is usually squared away with your insurance provider. They do not have any authority over who you choose as your roofing contractor. Homeowners have the freedom to decide who will be roofing their home. To identify which roofer is the optimal choice for your roofing project bear in mind the following tips.

  • Confirm the legitimacy of the roofer’s license
  • Find out if they are insured and steer clear if they are not
  • Make sure the roofer you hire can perform the work within budget
  • Review the roofing company’s portfolio
  • Double check that the roofer has permits to build in your area

Upon the completion of your roofing project, the roofer will send an invoice to the insurance company. If the roofer is licensed and insured, everything should go smoothly from here. The roofing insurance process can be a bit intimidating, especially if it seems like your insurance agent is trying to pigeonhole you into hiring a specific roofer. It pays to bear in mind the fact that insurance providers do not have companies contracted to roof for them.