Storm Damage

Protect your Houston Roof this Hurricane Season

prepare your houston roof for hurricane season

Every year coastal residents and outlying areas prepare for hurricane activity coming off of the Gulf of Mexico.  Across the United States over 49 million homes are at risk from hurricane damage each year.  Roofing systems on older homes are particularly vulnerable to hurricane strength wind and rain because they were built before more research and building codes were implemented.  Many older Houston roofs fall into this category.

Proper Maintenance & Periodic Inspections

The key to saving money or getting your investment to last longer is periodic and timely inspection and proper maintenance.  Start inspecting your roof by looking for loose, curled, or missing shingles.  Take the time to carefully inspect the edges of your roof and the fasteners that secure the shingles and roof deck.

A hurricane carries over 150mph winds.  These winds produce an uplifting effect at the edge of the roof, which causes the shingles to curl back and blow off.  If your roof edge is not sealed and secured then shingles/tiles will be blown away and water will enter the home through the roof’s edge.  Proper maintenance and inspection, especially before a big storm, will save on future costs and may help lower your insurance premiums.

houston roof top 10 costliest hurricanes infographic
* Damage in millions

Reduce the Wind’s Effect & Damage

There is not a lot you can do to prevent a storm from occurring.  However, you can reduce the effect the storm will have on your Houston roof.  After performing your inspection have your roofer replace the missing improperly hammered nails in your roofing system.  Make sure the edges of the roof are completely sealed.  Your local Houston roofing contractor will be able to provide some assistance as part of normal maintenance operations.

A big item to use and is sometimes required by building code are hurricane clips.  Hurricane clips add additional structural support and integrity by attaching the roof to the home’s wall, from the inside of the home.  For additional security, wood braces can be attached to rafters at the ends of gable roofs.  This will prevent pressure from accumulating inside of the home, a common cause of broken windows after a strong storm.

Use a Professional Roofing Contractor

Quick visual inspections can be done by anyone.  However, a trained professional roofer, especially one that is local to Houston, TX, will be the best fit for your Houston roof.  Professional roofers are better trained to locate trouble spots on the roof.  Houston roofers are also experienced and knowledgeable about wind effects in the area.  While hurricane winds are circular and hit your roof at different angles.  A professional Houston roofer will be able to determine which portions of your home and roof will take the brunt of the storm and what to expect after it has passed.

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