Storm Damage

Storm Cleanup Around Central Texas

College Station roofer cleans up storm debris

The recent string of storm weather across the Brazos Valley and surrounding areas have left many places with staggering amounts of debris.  Most home owners found themselves facing strong winds for only a few moments before everything calmed down.  In those few minutes, enough damage was done to cause an increase in insurance claims across the region and College Station roofers are extremely busy.  Recently, KBTX covered the cleanup ongoing in Madison, TX, just outside of College Station.

Storm Damage Causes Debris

Nicholas Hipps, interviewed by KBTX, stated that they were shocked to find out the extent of the damage.  He cited split trees, damaged vehicles, damaged buildings, and damage to his roof.  Just three years prior a storm came through causing an entire roof replacement.  This created a need and College Station roofers were called out to Madisonville.  After this year’s storm, Mr. Hipps’ roof will likely need another roof replacement.  The storm ripped a quarter of the roof away and carried the debris a distance of 40 yards.

Stronger winds have been known to carry debris even further away from its point of origin.  When a roofing system is built properly and designed for strong winds, less debris is seen after a strong storm.  Because most College Station roofers have access to the same materials, the difference is seen in the build and installation process.  More experienced roofers use stronger and more conservative attachment procedures.  This means more attachment points and better seals for each shingle and tile on your roof.  Ultimately this adds to the strength of the entire roofing system.

Replacement Versus Repair

Various jurisdictions and municipalities have very specific rules on roof replacement.  Additionally, insurance companies help keep a close eye on the amount of damage done to the roof.  The amount of damage determines whether the roof requires either replacement or just repair.  Be sure to have a professional College Station roofer inspect the damage done to your home.  They will be able to determine whether or not your roof needs replacement or just repair.

In Mr. Hipps case both a professional roofing contractor and insurance agent will come together to determine the level of damage to the roof.  If the supporting structure of the roofing system is found to be faulty or compromised, then the roof will require replacement.

General Insurance Process

Experience College Station roofers have set up many relationships with your insurance providers to help streamline the process for you whenever you are affected by bad weather.  These relationships help keep homeowners informed of the general insurance process.

  1. You have the option to get a quote from any qualified College Station roofing contractor.
  2. Your insurance will write you a check for the final costs of the project minus your deductible.  Please note that if your project price changes, your insurance provider will adjust the amount of the check written to you as well.
  3. Debris will be cleared from the property and work will commence on your home.
  4. Final payment will be due upon completion of your roof.

The fortunate part of maintaining good relationships with insurance providers is that the process can be relatively quick.  Debris can be cleared from your property and your roof repaired in no time.  If you have any questions about the insurance process or if you find yourself with debris from recent storms, contact Schulte Roofing, a professional College Station roofer, to inspect your home and property today.