Why Is My Fascia Rotting?

You’re having a new roof installed on your home and can’t wait for the end result. The roofing contractors pack up their trucks on the final day and drive off into the sunset. You’re all set!

But then you look up and see that your old, rotten fascia boards sticking out like a sore thumb below your brand new roof. What happened?

During an initial roof inspection, a professional roofing contractor should make note of rotten or otherwise compromised fascia board. The replacement or repair of the fascia should be also included in the roofing contractor’s estimate.

Some roofers, however, consider fascia as a siding component and might overlook it completely. This is why contacting a professional roofing contractor is imperative in order to receive the best quality service and workmanship.

While having the roof replaced and new drip edge properly installed by a professional roofing contractor should alleviate future rotting of the fascia, this problem could have been corrected as part of the roof replacement.

Fascia is a vertical surface or flat board that is installed at the end of the rafter, which can be used to hold a gutter. Rotten fascia around the exterior of a house is a common problem that homeowners experience. The rotting condition of the fascia is a sign that water has compromised the structural integrity of the fascia board.

There are many factors that can compromise the integrity of fascia boards, but two of the most common are improper installation of drip edge and gutters. Both are designed to direct water away from the home.

Rotten fascia can be a sign of water accumulation in other parts of the home as well. While the fascia board absorbs some of the water from hard rains, water continues to work its way down to the base of the home.

A homeowner may notice water backing up or gathering in low-lying areas such as a basement or crawlspace. This means that all of the building materials below the fascia could be compromised. An inspection by a professional home inspector might be needed to determine if other repairs to the home are necessary.

Regular maintenance and inspections of your roof and the surrounding structure can eliminate problems such as rotten fascia. If you see signs of a problem, call a professional roofing contractor immediately to determine the best course of action.