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The Importance of Roofer Insurance Coverage

Many homeowners in the north Houston area understand that they need insurance to cover the cost of any roofing repairs on their homes. However, some of these homeowners are unaware of the fact that the roofing companies themselves also need to have insurance coverage. Here is why roofing companies need to have insurance.

The risk of a home accidentally being damaged

Roofing jobs are not without risk. Roofing jobs can involve ladders, materials being hoisted onto roofs, materials being thrown down from roofs, construction being done to the roof, etc. There are a lot of things that can go wrong during the roof repair or replacement process. Even the highest quality roofing companies can still make mistakes. So, roofers need to have insurance to prevent the homeowner from having to foot the bill in case an accident occurs and property is damaged.

The risk of a worker being injured

Because roofing is so dangerous, roughly 50 roofers die every year from work-related accidents, primarily falls. There are also many injuries that occur to roofers every year. Roofing companies need to have workers’ compensation insurance to provide coverage for these injuries. Workers’ compensation insurance covers medical costs that may occur as a result of an injury on the job. It also provides compensation for missed wages due to an inability to work as the result of the injury.

Worker’s compensation can also provide coverage for legal fees if the employee sues the company, and for funeral costs and death benefits if the employee dies. Essentially, it is crucial for roofing companies to possess workers’ compensation insurance so that injured roofers or their families do not attempt to sue the homeowner in order to get compensation for medical costs, for lost wages, or for other associated costs.

The risk of a homeowner or a homeowner’s family member being injured

It is not just roofers who can get injured from roofing jobs. The homeowners and the homeowner’s family members can also get injured from the roofing work. For example, the homeowner could step outside of the house just as a shingle was falling to the ground, and it could hit him. Roofing companies need to have liability insurance which protects them from this sort of risk. If they don’t, then the homeowner and/or his or her family could be stuck paying for all of the medical and associated costs of the injury themselves.


If you live in Montgomery, Conroe, or the Woodlands, Texas, and if you are planning on hiring a roofing company, it is of paramount importance that you hire one with proper insurance coverage. If you don’t, then you could be exposing yourself to enormous financial risks without even realizing it.

The last thing that you need when you are trying to get your roof repaired after a hailstorm or a tornado is to have a roofing accident result in further damage to your home which is uncovered. So, help yourself out and only hire roofing companies who have the proper insurance coverage.

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  1. Roofing is one of the hardest and dangerous job. Being able to work up on the roof of a building, there are many hazards – the most obvious being height. Working above the ground, there is a much higher risk of expensive accidents. That is why it’s crucial to have liability insurance that will provide vital protection for roof construction incidents and help prevent financial issues .

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