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Great News About Technological Stadium Roofing!

Recently, the manufacturer of engineered thermoplastics released its latest innovation called Ultra-StiffHouston Commercial Roofing Lexan Thermoclear, which is mainly designed for sporting venues. This latest invention was showcased in Los Angeles, California in April during the Stadia Design and Technological Expo. This polycarbonate sheet technology is thought to be a potential material to use for the 2014 Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) World Cup stadium. In fact, the manufacturer of this latest innovation is working with the Brazilian Soccer Committee to handle the roof of their stadium. The question then is: what is involved with this new technology?

Latest Breakthrough

Ultra-Stiff Lexan Thermoclear is a state-of-the-art material to help construction engineers and architects enhance the durability, safety, and comfort of an infrastructure. It is lightweight, easy to set up, and has a high performance compared to other thermoplastic sheets. Ultra-Stiff Lexan Thermoclear can easily be molded into various designs while providing dramatic curves and glazing elements to a huge stadium covering. The manufacturer developed this new applied science to meet the demands of the largest, unique, and most challenging designs for stadiums across the globe. In addition, it is proven to withstand the harshest weather conditions, deliver great protection and present an attractive appearance that will last for many years.

Remarkable Advantages

Ultra-Stiff Lexan Thermoclear offers different advantages in terms of performance, some of which are listed below.

  • Exceptional Durability – This new material is highly durable. This is an impact-resistant material that is 250 times tougher than glass. It can defy high winds, hail, snow, and other harsh weather elements. The structural loading capacity is up to 2200 N/m2 that is equal to a wind speed of 124.3 mph. The figure shows that the material is strong enough to combat material breakage caused by high winds.
  • Increased Thermal Insulation – The most common enemy of stadiums all over the world is exposure to the sun’s heat. This thermoplastic sheet is coated on both sides with an ultra-violet resistant coating to provide efficient thermal insulation and interior protection from ultraviolet radiation. It decreases electricity consumption, promotes conservation of energy, and is a greener solution to stadium roofs.
  • Lightweight – This new material is durable, versatile, and lightweight, which makes it cheaper and easier to transport and install. It can be laid out using lighter supporting structures which means less expensive materials and shipping expenses.
  • Easy to Clean – This sheeting has a special coating that allows rain water to clean the material, which is a very cost-effective maintenance method.
  • Fire-Resistant – This material complies with the European Fire Safety Standard (EN 13501-1), which is a testing standard used to measure the capacity of a substance to resist fire. The Lexan Thermoclear sheet has reduced combustibility and prevents the spread of fire through a certain location.

Last year, Ultra-Stiff Lexan Thermoclear was used in the Aviva Stadium located in Dublin, Ireland which holds approximately 50,000 people. The project was fantastic because it showcased all the benefits of this product. The launching of the latest engineered thermoplastic is becoming the ultimate solution to the pressing challenges in most athletic facilities. The manufacturer is the leader in this market and is encouraging roofing contractors to use this durable, affordable, sustainable, lightweight, and easily set-up deck sheeting in their building projects. This highly technological stadium roofing can be used in all building projects, both commercial and residential!

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