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The Importance of Insurance Coverage for a Roof!

Montgomery_RooferWhile a roof is designed for protection from the weather, it is also prone to breakage in particular during severe weather conditions such as hail storms, tornados, etc. Such events can lead to costly unscheduled repairs unless that roof is covered by insurance.

Because there is no way to know ahead of time when or where a storm will hit, and due to the expensive cost of repairs, it is only appropriate to insure a roof. Such coverage can basically offset the cost of massive roofing repairs in case the next storm does cause damage.

How it Works

Roof insurance is very important for homes located in storm-prone areas such as ‘tornado alley;’ however, since severe weather can occur anywhere, it is imperative that the appropriate insurance coverage be purchased to cover such risks.

When damage occurs that is caused by a storm, the insurance provider must be contacted information provided as to when and how the damage occurred. With that information, it will be determined whether or not a claim can be handled for this loss. This is the reason why it is important to understand the kinds of claims that will be covered by an insurance policy before purchasing one. Once the claim has been approved, information will be provided as to claim procedures and deadlines.

An estimator from the insurance company will typically assess the damage, take photographs for record purposes, and provide an estimate for the cost of repairing the damage. Once an estimate has been provided to repair or replace the roof, it is possible to begin a search for a roofing contractor to handle the job. It is important to inform a contractor in advance that the project is being paid for by an insurance company. Depending on policy provisions, payment is typically made in two parts with a partial payment made when the estimate is completed and the remained paid when the work is completed and has been inspected and approve by the insurance company.

Scam Alert

With there is insurance coverage to handle the loss, it is important to about some of the tactics that some contractors who prey on unsuspecting home owners. When a severe storm occurs, most local contractors will be overloaded with all the claims to handle; therefore it is relatively normal for contractors from other areas to go door-to-door to offer their services. Unfortunately, there are also some less-than-honest people who will pose as a contractor capable of handling the necessary repair work.

Upon discovering that the damage is covered by an insurance claim, many promises will be made to handle the required work. One often overlooked consideration of a claim is whether the policy that has been purchased provides for cash value or total replacement cost for any damage. Cash value provides a fixed amount that will be paid, which in many cases is inadequate to handle full repairs, while replacement cost provides reasonable and necessary costs to return the structure to like-new condition.

If a contractor does not ask about the specifics of the provided coverage, they may intend to make short-cuts just in case the coverage is limited to cash value only, leaving the homeowner with inferior work and low-quality material – not to mention that they are not from the local area and will most likely be unreachable once payment was been made to them.

Do’s and Do Not’s

When choosing a roofer, always those who are established locally. In an event of extensive damage due to a storm, don’t hire the first contractor who knocks at the door. Ask for credentials and carefully check them. Never provide a deposit on a job that hasn’t been started, as that money could vanish along with the contractor without the replacement of even one shingle.

Insurance is a not a luxury but a requirement, especially when living in storm-prone areas to offset the high cost of repair in case a catastrophe should occur. Know and understand appropriate insurance coverages and be sure that any policy covers damage caused by natural disasters. When that loss occurs, be very cautious when choosing a contractor. Hopefully this article has provided helpful information to ensure complete coverage of that roof!

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