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New Tool for College Station Roofing Contractors

3d diagram of home by college station roofing contrators.

A new tool called EagleView, provided by TAMKO and EagleView Technologies, now allows College Station roofing contractors to provide professional and customized roofing reports to homeowners.  Using 3D technology to create a virtualized model of homes, the new tool is able to measure heights, lengths, depths, and widths easily and accurately.  Additionally, the new tools has a mobile app that allows the direct upload of images, report ordering, and measurement reading directly from the mobile device.

New Tool, Better Tool?

As the new tool enters the market it creates an immediate impact on both homeowners and College Station roofing contractors. Now, when homeowners request a quote or roofing specialist, the quote turn-around time is greatly reduced.

When a roofing specialist comes out to inspect a roof, usually manual measurements are done with a tape measure and even grid shading, where the design of your roof is placed on a document that is scaled to size.  The mobile app allows College Station roofers to obtain direct measurements while still on the property.  This eliminates a lot of the work that must be done back at the home office in order to provide a homeowner with a quote.  This means homeowners will spend less time on the quote process.

EagleView also provides a digital copy of your quote which is easily transmitted to insurance agencies.  Usually when a homeowner files and insurance claim a lot of manual documentation is done; pictures, complete descriptions, quotes, insurance agent notes, roofing specialist notes, etc.  This documentation is typically handwritten and then converted to a digital format like fax or email for insurance purposes.

The EagleView tool allows College Station roofing contractors the ability to centralize all important documents relating the roofing process in a single place.  From this location roofers can grant access and send documents directly to insurance companies, speeding the claim process up greatly.

What Data can the Tool Collect?

The EagleView tool is able to build a 3D diagram of a roof with aerial images from all directions (N,S,E,W).  Additional diagrams such as length, pitch, area, and notes are also produced.  The tool can also calculate reports such as waste costs, square footage pitch, and more.  The reports are easily sent to both the homeowner and respective insurance companies.

EagleView also has a tremendous capacity for solar roofing.  Today, an increasing amount of homeowners are looking for a way to cut energy costs.  As much sun as College Station, TX receives, the roofing system can be one of the biggest sources of energy for a home.

While on-site College Station roofing contractors can now obtain roof measurements with azimuth and orientation (for solar system direction) and even calculate solar exposure according to collected measurements and data.  Your local roofer should be able to tell you all of the components needed for a solar roofing system, what type are needed, the angle needed, the amount of area needed, and even the potential yield for your location.

Schulte Roofing is a College Station roofing contractor who specializes in technology integration to make the roofing process easily and simple for homeowners.  If you have any questions about the new data collection tool used by roofers or need direct measurements taken, contact Schulte Roofing today.