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Victorian Reroof

In March of 1999 Schulte Roofing® was mentioned in Western Roofing Insulation and Siding Magazine for the restoration of a 150-year old Victorian roof. This roof was the first ever completed MetalWorks metal roof in the state of Texas. Backed by a lifetime warranty, this roof is still leak-free to date. The following is the excerpt from their coverage of the Victorian roof restoration project.

150-Year-Old Victorian Treasure Protected by State-of-the-Art Roofing System

by Debora Lapierre, Metalworks Roofing

Connie Wilder’s 150-year-old Texas home boasts the steep roofline, numerous complicated gables and valleys, and intricate “gingerbread” trip of a classic Victorian home. Unfortunately, all those features that make her home a valuable architectural treasure also make it a difficult challenge to protect against the elements.

In fact, when Wilder began contacting roofing companies about replacing the home’s aging roof, she found few roofing contractors were willing to even consider teh job. Further complicating the challenge was Wilder’s desire to install a permanent roof that would not need replacing every fea years. “I wanted the new roof to last till after I’m dead and gone,” she quipped.

After many fruitless calls she found an innovative solution when she contacted David Schulte of Schulte Roofing. Her intention was to install standard sheet metal roofing, a permanent replacement, but one that was not a good match to the wood composite shingles that were first installed on the home when it was built in 1844.

Rather than compromise the building’s architectural integrity, Schulte introduced her to a new product that provides the warm good looks and aesthetic appeal of classic wood shingles, without wood’s disadvantages. The new product Schulte suggested was AstonWood steel shingles, manufactured by MetalWorks of Pittsburgh, Penn. Wilder contacted the manufacturer herself, and found them helpful and responsive. In fact, once she made the decision to install a MetalWorks roof on her home, the company sent a representative to help supervise the project and assure her satisfaction.

The new AstonWood steel roofing system offers the feature Wilder wanted most: the roof is warranted to last a lifetime. Moreover, its design so faithfully replicates the look of classic wood shingles, that Wilder recommends local historical commissions review the product for use as a permanent, architecturally faithful replacement to deteriorating roofs on historic buildings.