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Schulte Roofing Boosts Community with New Jobs

It’s no mystery that jobs are the fuel that keeps the American Dream burning. The white picket fence, the Labradoodle, the car in the drive, and the 2.5 children sleeping in bunk beds upstairs only exist when we have to pay for jobs and money in our pockets to burn. For the dream to stay alive, we need companies to contribute not only good service that people want to spend their hard-earned money on the community, but they must also contribute to local jobs to ignite not only their growth but the community’s as well.

Schulte Roofing is one such company that has done a stellar job of contributing to the Brazos Valley community.

Schulte Roofing has seen much growth in the last few years, and they’re expanding even further with three new positions available for hire. This is welcome news for the College Station area who has seen the unemployment rate rise to 4.7% in July of this year, compared to 4.0% in March. With each new hire, the company can provide more business, make more money, and hopefully produce more local jobs down the line. Fortunately for Schulte Roofing’s new hires, a job with the company is a quality one.

Schulte Roofing values their employees because they understand that quality service makes loyal customers, customers who will spread the word about a job well done and promote more business. To prove their dedication to quality service and skilled employees, look no further than the new training facility they’ve constructed outside their office. This building is a one-of-a-kind training house with the sole purpose of being a real-life building that Schulte Roofing’s employees can train, learn, and practice on. The facility was well worth the investment and it shows the employees that their skills will be valued. If a company takes the time and money to invest in training, you can trust that as long as you do your job well, they’d like to keep you around. Why waste the resources training roofers who will simply take what they learned to a different company? Schulte Roofing wants its employees to use the skills they’ve taught them to help the company as a whole grow, which is a desirable company trait for prospective employees.

Trained employees, multiple job opportunities, and expert service are a win-win for everyone and David Schulte agrees: “We have been very fortunate to be doing business in the Brazos Valley. As a local company, we want to make sure that we provide local opportunities whenever possible.”

Currently, those local opportunities Schulte mentions are in the form of three job openings. They’re looking for a Roof Installer, Commercial Roof Estimator, and a Roofing Specialist.

The Roof Installer must be willing to work in all weather conditions as the job involves installing various types of roofs and removing roofs. This job may be both a part of a team and solo. The Commercial Roof Estimator must have a knowledge of roofing plans and specs in order to adequately estimate the materials and labor needed for commercial roofing jobs. A B.A. or Masters’s in architecture/construction is preferred as well as expert communication skills. Finally, the Roofing Specialist will measure roofs and do home presentations, provide quotes, and sell roofing services to prospective clients.

Schulte Roofing hopes these new hires will help the business to expand and boost the community as well. When business is done well and locally, it creates vast opportunities for the community that the business serves. Schulte Roofing is proud to offer its service to the Brazos Valley community and the company’s continued growth is surely inevitable.

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