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Schulte Roofing Nominated Best Roofing Service

In the annual “Best of the Brazos” vote, put on by Bryan Broadcasting, Schulte Roofing has been nominated for the fifth consecutive year.  Best of the Brazos is annual competition where community residents vote on their favorite local business and service provider.  Geared towards celebrating local business, the Bryan Broadcasting has been circulating the promotion for the last 13 years.

David Schulte attributes their growth and success to, “Honesty and Integrity”, the company slogan.  By equipping that business philosophy in their toolset has allowed Schulte Roofing to offer some of the best guarantees and warranties in the roofing industry.

Known as the “Home of the Bulletproof Roof® Guarantee”, Schulte Roofing has built a reputation that guarantees 100% satisfaction or it’s free.  The Bulletproof Roof® Guarantee is a warranty that exceeds manufacturer specifications and guarantees customer satisfaction.  Additionally, it comes with 3 years of free maintenance and roof inspections.

David Schulte believes that inclusive roofing system is exactly what homeowners need.  “It is a system that covers and protects your entire life,” according to Schulte.  Removing the hassle and trouble in conventional roofing projects helps the homeowner by eliminating the normal concerns and worries.

According to its President, Schulte Roofing also believes that their main goal is to educate homeowners on the roofing process and the thousands of choices available.  Properly educating the homeowner on how roofing systems work and the options they have is the best way to find their roofing goals.  Roofing goals can range from energy efficiency, to solar power conversion, to low maintenance, to long term warranties, to low cost.

Education also provides an opportunity for homeowners to learn about the thousands of choices available.  “There are literally thousands of options”, David Schulte states.  Options range from material type like concrete tile, laminate shingles, composition shingles, asphalt shingles, standing seam metal, and hundreds of other composites.

In addition to roofing material options, color options have greatly expanded for all material types.  Now homeowners can truly design and outdoor color scheme that takes the roof’s color into account.  Home designers and architects have a new range of options and elements they can use due to advancements in roofing technology.

Working with insurance companies has also proven beneficial for Schulte Roofing and home owners.   “A lot of the business we handle involves insurance because of stormy weather”, David Schulte notes.  “We’ve created a streamlined process that facilitates the communication and transactions between us, the insurance company, and homeowner.”

Schulte Roofing has dedicated insurance specialists which help inspect roofing damage, facilitates proper documentation to the insurance company, and helps to ensure that all parties move through the repair or reroofing process smoothly and quickly.

Schulte Roofing has been nominated for their 5th consecutive Best of the Brazos Valley Award for “Best Roofing Service”.  To vote, please go to: