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Schulte Roofing Offers Claims Support for Victims of Winter Storms

When extreme storms hit, homeowners should have the support they need to protect their property and family. That’s what Schulte Roofing believes as they continue to provide standard insurance claim assistance for homeowners this winter.

This special service was aimed at the many residents whose homes were damaged during the recent storm in the Greater Austin and San Antonio areas. The damage, as a result of severe weather events, caused everything from broken windows, dented gutters, and broken air conditioning units, to punctured or cracked roofs that often led to leaks and structural damage.

Although there have been attempts to help homeowners with the aftermath, the problems arise due to the construction industry’s dependence on weather, especially during the winter when there’s an increase in severe and unpredictable storms.

When this happens, construction is often significantly backed up thanks to delayed manufacturing materials purchases and shipments. Additionally, a shortage of skilled labor and possible equipment damage and performance issues will dramatically impact how many residents can repair, replace, and clean their homes.

Not only that, but more insurance companies are rejecting claims due to aging materials, improper installation, poor workmanship, and other factors that the average homeowner wouldn’t have much knowledge about until they’re faced with severe weather damage.

And with only partial reimbursements given to desperate homeowners who don’t have anywhere else to go, many vulnerable families often fall victim to fraudulent solicitors and scams that eventually make a situation go from bad to worse. Thankfully, Schulte Roofing is determined to develop strategies to help support these homeowners in need.

Their solution is to walk storm victims through a standard claims process by leveraging their connections, working with multiple insurance companies, and providing agencies with full documentation and supportive evidence for homeowners.

Schulte Roofing’s standard claims process offers homeowners the following services to help repair their homes:

●       Inspections and Remedies

●       In-home and On-premises demonstrations

●       Accelerated starts

●       Claim submittal

●       Accurate pricing

And although roofing contractors typically offer this service, Schulte Roofing’s unique approach is aimed at creating steps that effectively increase improved levels at insurance agencies and get homeowners back under a new roof faster than other construction timelines.

“When you get the opportunity to replace your roof make sure you hire someone that doesn’t just care about the sale but cares about you and your property,” says Josh Schulte, President of Schulte Roofing.

Although extreme weather events can be detrimental to families everywhere, Schulte Roofing’s plans showcase its mission to help residential roofing across Texas.